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Women’s Extra Extra Wide Width Adaptive Slipper

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What do you do when even an extra wide width slipper don’t fit your swelling? Silvert’s has come up with the solution of extra extra wide width slipper with verlcro® closures. With the width and the added adjustability, these slippers are wide enough for extreme cases of swelling. These slippers are no problem for swollen feet or ankles.

The Perfect fit for every condition:

The extra extra wide width slipper can help for a variety of problems. Some people the main problem is getting their foot into the shoe, such as those with hammertoes or bunions. These slippers are a perfect solution due to the generous opening from the tongue. Silvert’s found a way to help swelling and foot deformities vertically. This large opening can accommodate wide widths that may include the circumference of the foot, as opposed to the length. The generous amount of easy touch fastening will also allow lots of adjustment to fit your foot from any swelling or puffiness.

Imagine never having to use a shoe horn again! Silvert’s extra extra wide slipper opens so wide that you simply place your foot in, without having to slide it into a shoe. These slippers allow you to place your foot in the slipper and wrapping the slipper around to secure your foot. This eliminates the struggle of stepping on the back of the slipper.

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Easy Touch Fastening:

The Velcro® fastening allows for adjustability throughout the entire day. Often from morning to evening, feet tend to swell calling for the need of a wider width as the day goes on. As we age, or for those with health care problems such as diabetes and edema, this swelling from morning to evening is much more pronounced. The generous Velcro closures allow for many adjustments that can be made throughout the day. Adjusting to be tighter or looser has never been easier with the Velcro closures! You shouldn’t need two different pairs of slippers for morning and night time; these slippers allow you to have one pair that is comfortable for your feet at any time of the day.

This easy touch fastening also help in the time it takes to put slippers on. As we age, bending down to put shoes on and doing up the laces can become a chore. However, having slip on shoes just doesn’t provide enough support. Having a slip on without a heel cup allows for the shoes to fall off, creating instability when walking. This is why these shoes will have a closed heel but with a wide width. This way you can have heel support but also room in the heel cup to be comfortable if there is any swelling. The easy touch fastenings will allow for less time to have to bend over with no laces that have to be tied. Older hands have difficulty in hand dexterity, so having easy touch closures help for lowered hand dexterity.

Traction Support:

These slippers are slip resistant, abiding by many rules in long term care facilities as well as retirement complexes. Most nursing homes require slip resistant soles at all times, so these comfortable slippers are a great solution if you don’t want to wear shoes indoors. Having slip resistant slippers will help propel yourself forward as you walk. This provides stability and comfort when you are walking indoors. Slip resistant soles are important for preventing slips and falls as well as creating stability for you or your loved one.

Memory Foam:

Silvert’s has added memory foam cushioning for maximum comfort. This way the slipper can mold to your foot. Every foot is different, and will need extra cushioning in certain areas of the foot. Memory foam allows you to have the most comfortable slipper that is designed and molded to your foot. Because of the adjustability and comfort, these slippers are wonderful for women with diabetes. The slippers are made with soft material so as not to put too much pressure on the foot. This material will allow your foot to be comfortable and with the adjustable fastenings one doesn’t have to worry about having to work the slippers in.

Machine Washable:

These slippers are anti-bacterial to control odour and stains. If your loved one tends to spill a lot, these shoes are a great solution. These slippers are machine wash friendly. If you notice that the shoes are getting stained or start to smell, you can simply throw them in the washing machine and hang them to dry. This is great to keep these shoes for as long as you need. Sometimes when you find the perfect slipper, it’s hard to let go of that perfect fit. Silvert’s tries to let that perfect pair stay clean for as long as possible.

In nursing home environments, sometimes having two pairs of shoes is more than enough. For those that live in a nursing home and tend not to go outside too often, these slippers are the perfect solution. With proper soles, these slippers work as indoor, outdoor slippers. So you can have the comfort of a slipper as your go out to doctor’s appointments for daily outings. This is also helpful if you are having trouble finding a pair of shoes that fit for outdoors, these comfortable slippers can double as an outdoor shoe as well as an indoor shoe.

Customer Service Support:

Silvert’s provides an easy step by step way to properly measure a foot online, because we understand that getting to a shoe store isn’t possible sometimes. Our online websites provides all the colours as well as sizing charts to measure up against your foot measurements. Silvert’s also strives in excellent customer service, providing phone calling, online chats and emailing all as options of contact. The customer service lines are open from Monday to Fridays, nine am to five pm as well as Saturdays from ten am to four pm eastern time. There is always a voice mail option if you happen to be calling outside of the required times. A customer service representative will be more than happy to make sure that you receive the proper size. Often times if you give them the required measurement, they will grab the slipper for you and measure it to those dimensions to see which size will fit best on your foot.

These extra extra wide slippers for women are the solution to almost any foot problem that one may have. This slipper provides different attributes to accommodate for even the most challenging foot problems. Sparkling customer reviews show that these slippers help even the hardest foot problems. With an easy to use website, you can order these slippers from anywhere! Silvert’s gives a generous forty five days to return or exchange these slippers. Now you have time to try them on and think about them, and if you need a different size, we are able to swap them for you. With machine washable materials, this slipper works for other problems as well such as foot odour and spills. This is the perfect slipper if you are looking for bedroom or house slippers.

If you are interested in these slippers, click here.

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