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Essential Nursing Home Apparel for Women

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When circumstances arise that make dressing a challenge, transitioning to adaptive clothing is an obvious choice.  But where do you start?  Starting any wardrobe from scratch can seem overwhelming.  The team here at Giving Care wanted to help by providing a starting place for a few basic items that are helpful and versatile.  In the end, the cost will be minimal when compared to the benefits these items will give the wearer.  These items are great for nursing homes, but are also great for anyone who may require caregiver assisted dressing.

Independent Dressing Solutions:

Front Closure Bra

Silvert’s front closure bras come in hook or snap fastenings. You can choose hook fastenings in a comfort cotton or stretchy nylon. The snap bra has four easy snaps. These bras are extremely helpful in both independent and assisted dressing solutions. Often seniors are conservative about people seeing them, so they struggle with letting a nurse or support worker help them in putting a bra on. This gives them more ease and independence to put the bra on, on their own.

Open Side Knit Pants

Nursing Home Apparel: Open Side Pants
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Open side pants are the perfect solution for any arthritic hands and reduce mobility. In open side pants, the buttons and zippers are replaced with adjustable easy touch fastenings. These fastenings undone make the opening of the pant much wider, making it easier to slip in and out of the pants. When the pants need to be done up, the fastenings are simply patted in to place.

Elastic Waist Stylish Jeans

Nursing Home Apparel: Elastic Waist Jeans
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Keep her wardrobe fresh with these adapted jeans by Silverts. We made these jeans with extra stretch to make them as comfortable as possible. No more need to worry about buttons and zippers, these jeans have a stretchy elastic waist! No buttons or zippers required.

Assisted Dressing Solutions:

Open Back Dress

Nursing Home Apparel: Open Back Dress
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Always popular, these back snap dresses are easy to wear and easy to care for. For elderly women who require caregiver assisted dressing, our best-selling dress is a great option for style and functionality. This is especially comfortable for bedridden patients that don’t want to be in pants. It gives the an opportunity to wear something different than a nightgown. Leave your loved one feeling confident and stylish and looking their best in these great open back dresses.

Adaptive Stylish Tops

Nursing Home Apparel: Women's Open Back Top
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Adaptive open back tops will make dressing easy for any assisted dressing situation. No more struggling with small arm or neck holes making this optimal nursing home apparel. A wide variety of tops will keep your loved one looking stylish every season. This great top along with other nursing home apparel items for women can all be found at Silverts.

Cotton Knit Snap Back Night Gown

Nursing Home Apparel: women's open back nightgown
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When night time routines are painful and uncomfortable, Silverts night gowns will make a big difference. Caregivers simply snap the domes in place and the wearer doesn’t even have to lift their arms.  Our newest night gown was designed to have a roomy fit and is made with soft jersey knit for added comfort.  Great for hospitals and home care too! This great nightgown is offered in other fabrics as well, a poly-cotton blend which is light for summer weather or patients that are more often hot. As well there is a warm flannel options for the colder months.

Adaptive Footwear Solutions:

Women’s Wide Sandals

Nursing Home Apparel: Adjustable Sandals
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Silverts is incredibly proud of our wide sandals. With great arch support, this sandal completely opens up accommodating even the most swollen feet with ease.  Great for swollen ankles and diabetic friendly, this sandal is complete with slip resistant soles to help keep residents safe and comfortable. Different styles of sandals will work with any nursing home apparel.

Women’s Gripper Socks

Nursing Home Apparel: Gripper Socks
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Keep your loved one cozy and comfortable and most importantly SAFE with these great gripper socks! Gripper socks have tread on the bottoms, this is incredibly important to make sure that they are safe regardless of if they are wearing slippers shoes or nothing. Gripper socks for women are especially helpful during night time trips to the bathroom. They no longer need to feel around for slippers before they go, they can put the socks on before bed, and simply slip out of bed and to the washroom at ease.

Women’s Indoor/Outdoor Shoes

In most long term care facilities, wearing slip resistant footwear at all times is apart of the fall prevention policy. This is why Silverts has created indoor/outdoor footwear. Comfortable and breathable, these shoes can be worn in the hallways of a nursing home, but also be worn outside on day trips. These shoes are perfect for doctors visits and to wear to lunch time or dinner time. Wide widths and soft materials accommodate for any swelling or foot problems with bunions. The slip resistant sole is accompanied by heel support and overall adjustability to fit regardless of the level of swelling.

Moving an elderly loved one into a long term care environment can be stressful. Treat the new clothing like a new wardrobe make over for them to make the experience a positive one. Silverts works hard to make sure that all nursing home apparel is industrial machine washer friendly, so that every garment can withstand the rigors of industrial washing. Adaptive footwear will comfort their feet and keep them active and safe for longer. Adaptive clothing will allow them to remain independent for longer and when it’s time that they need assistance, there is a solution to make that kind of dressing easier as well.


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