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Enhance Independent Senior Living by Maintaining Plumbing Systems

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If you have loved ones living on their own, checking their plumbing can avert a disaster in winter that might cut off their heating and water. Everyone knows that the cold months are dangerous for pipes and plumbing. Keeping plumbing systems in good health ensures that you have a trouble-free winter season. For seniors who are living independently, helping them with home plumbing can keep them safe without the dangers associated with failed boilers, broken heaters and water cuts/loss.

Check Plumbing Systems

Your senior might not notice that plumbing systems need to be looked after. In addition, they might not remember to do spot checks to see if there are leakages or corroded pipes in their homes. Volunteer to do it and if you have no clue at all, contact a plumbing service. Not only will you save time but also money if problems with your senior’s pipes and fixtures are detected early. In addition, you can even propose modifications to make independent living easier such as installing sensor-operated taps or showers.

Service Heating Systems

Heating systems make use of pipes, plastic tubing, and boilers that need to be maintained. Ensure that heating systems are serviced regularly. If your parents or loved ones are in no position to care for their systems, contract this service to a company that will do annual or semi-annual checks. It is important especially in winter when water loss and malfunctions in the system can mean no heating and hot water. Without heating, older adults whose bodies are unable to regulate temperatures in extreme weather or are ill can succumb to hypothermia which can be fatal and even result in deaths.

Protect Pipes and Faucets

In addition to checking that pipes and faucets are in good working condition and changing gaskets and rubber seals as needed, it is also critical to protect them from freezing. Burst pipes are no joke and they are very costly. It is estimated that the cost of repairing burst pipes can run into thousands of dollars or from $900-$3,800 or more according to CostHelper. Water flooding may also cause property damage and cleanup can set your family anywhere from $5,000 to $70,000 ( For your loved ones, it is not only the cost of repairing that hurts but also the inconvenience of dealing without running water in the house for a day or two or more while repairs are being carried out. To avoid this scenario, insulate pipes and faucets. Other preventive measures include changing exterior taps into anti-freezing ones or put a protective cover.

Maintaining plumbing systems during the harsh winter months can make your loved ones feel safe and comfortable. For seniors with limited physical capabilities, having someone look after their water and plumbing systems gives them the extra confidence of living on their own.

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