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Easter Holiday Activities for Seniors & Family Caregivers

Easter Activities for seniors
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Easter Holiday Activities for Seniors and Family Caregivers

Celebrating the Easter holidays is a special time for families. People look forward to spending time with their loved ones, arranging family gatherings and engaging in fun activities. Easter holidays are approaching and although we are mostly past the pandemic it is important to stay safe when getting together. For this reason many are still exploring creative ways to celebrate it this year.

As with travel not available for all and some family members staying home due to positive Covid tests still coming through, we came up with some ideas to help you celebrate.

Here are some Easter Holiday Activities

Easter-themed arts and crafts from grandkids:

Kids will love this creative activity. Help them complete a creative task like painting Easter eggs or creating a colorful card for their grandparents! You can always share what you have created by sending pictures! This would be the perfect moment to brighten your senior loved one’s day. Share a handmade token of affection so they feel loved and appreciated.

Prepare a Gift Basket:

Holidays are a great time to show your loved ones you care. Make a gift basket of useful items for your senior loved ones. What are some of the essentials your grandparents need? Are your older parents in need of some new comfy socks or slippers? Get something practical and safe like slip-resistant slippers that will provide not just comfort but safety as well. Include that handmade Easter bunny card or a framed family photo so they can keep it close.

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Give Easter-themed Movie Recommendations:

Is your senior in a nursing care facility? Or maybe your older parents are on their own at home? This is the time they can watch some of their all-time favorite movies. Suggest some Easter movies like Easter Parade or anything you have seen and highly recommend. Make a list of some movies or shows they might like and suggest them to your senior loved ones.

Baking and Cooking:

After having practiced your baking skills through lockdowns and quarantine, time to show off your new expertise! During the Easter holidays, you could try and make Easter-themed cookies, biscuits, or any other dish that you think your loved ones would enjoy having.

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Follow your favorite food bloggers on Instagram, get some ideas, take notes and share what you make with the community. Maybe your senior parents would love to share their family recipes that you can try making!

Decorate the House:

Decorating the house is always a great Easter Holiday activity! While decorating the house, give a task to each family member so they can contribute and take part in the festivities. Creating a simple Easter themed decoration will prove to be a fun activity. Ask your senior loved ones to give some ideas so everyone has a chance to enjoy the process. You could place seasonal plants and flowers on the table. Do you have figurines of rabbits or ducks from the previous year? Take them out and decorate different areas of the house to add some holiday spirit!

Hold a Virtual Family Gathering:

For those who are immunocompromised or still nervous about getting together, virtual family gatherings still work great! There are so many ways to stay in touch, have conversations and enjoy the Easter celebrations together (but virtually). Zoom is becoming an increasingly popular way to hold meetings. Seniors can stay connected by calling their family members using Facebook Messenger voice and video call, or they can use Whatsapp or Skype.

Here is a full list of apps that can be used for virtual family time:

  • Zoom
  • FaceTime
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Whatsapp
  • Skype

Share Pictures from Previous Easter Holidays:

Take out family albums or digitally stored pictures from previous Easter festivities and share them with your family members. Sharing old pictures and talking about pleasant memories is a great conversation starter. Talk about family recipes, anecdotes, and other memories! This would be the perfect time to upload images to your digital frame and gift one to your senior loved so they revisit the good times and look forward to more!

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