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How to Celebrate Mother’s Day when Your Mother has Passed

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Coping with the loss of a parent is one of the hardest challenges in life. Come holidays like Mother’s Day, it can be especially painful if your mom has passed or you are no longer in contact. No matter your situation, Mother’s Day remains an opportunity to honor the women who nurtured us growing up. If you are feeling sad or lonely without her, here are our tips for surviving Mother’s Day without a mom.


Be Mindful of your thoughts & emotions

Being mindful of your thoughts and emotions helps grow your self-awareness. No matter how old the wound is, contemplating the way you process loss in your head is a wonderful opportunity for personal growth — if you allow it to be. Give yourself the time to grieve, let go of guilt and center yourself.


Write her a letter

After being mindful of your thoughts and emotions, you may want to take a moment to put them down on paper. You would be surprised how much writing a letter (that never gets sent) helps with loss. It’s a way to say things you never had a chance to and begin to let go of any lingering negative feelings.


Be with your family & friends

Surrounding yourself with people who also knew and loved your mom is another way to celebrate her life. Not only does this improve feelings of loneliness, being with family and friends to share stories remembering your mother keeps her spirit alive in you — and creates space for healing.


Celebrate with the other “moms” in your life

Perhaps there is another (or many other) mother figure(s) in your life worth thinking of on Mother’s Day. Cherish your aunt, in-laws, sisters, mentors on this day; show them that you’re grateful to have them to look up to.


Remember that she is still with you

Though your mother may not physically be around, the lessons she taught you and the love she gave you are alive in you. It can bring about peace to know that you are her successor; likewise, somebody that loved you throughout their lifetime will be honoured that you continue to carry her light.

Did we miss something? Tell us how you plan to spend Mother’s Day in the comments section below!

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