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How to Help Someone with Dementia

Dementia is a general term used for neurodegenerative syndromes with common symptoms of memory loss, confusion and other thinking processes. These progressive brain diseases come in numerous forms and are most often seen in the aging population, but are not considered a normal part of


What is Adaptive Equipment? A Comprehensive Guide

As the saying goes, aging is filled with both beauty and challenges. While our minds may feel young and spry, the same can’t always be said of our bodies. Although slowing down physically can usher in a new stage of life, adaptive equipment and assistive


Is Your Mom Safe at Home?

Mother and daughter sitting on front porch of home in chairs. Looking at each other smiling, holding a small bouquet of white and pink flowers between them.

Everyone pushes the limits beyond what may be safe. According to the CDC, falling is the second leading cause of unintentional deaths after automobile accidents, and older people are at a much higher risk of falling.  Think about the last time you reached for that glass up on


How to Celebrate Mother’s Day when Your Mother has Passed

Coping with the loss of a parent is one of the hardest challenges in life. Come holidays like Mother’s Day, it can be especially painful if your mom has passed or you are no longer in contact. No matter your situation, Mother’s Day remains an


What Are the Early Signs of Dementia?

A senior with dementia being comforted by his doctor

By Robert Kneschke / Dementia is a general term for the “impaired ability to remember, think or make decisions that interferes with doing everyday activities,” according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Alzheimer’s is the most common type of dementia, but there


Silverts: Past to Present

Portrays the products of the brand

History 90 years. That’s the age of Silverts Adaptive Clothing brand. It all started in the small town of Ingersoll, Ontario, which at the time in 1930 only had a population of 5,233 people. Originally it was a department store, focused on core wardrobe items and


What’s the Plan for Vaccinating Homebound Seniors?

Clinical professional provides vaccination to a patient's arm.

This past week we saw the opening of the online booking system for vaccinations for those over 80 years old, the next phase in the vaccination strategy here in Ontario, Canada. At 8am the booking system went live and was promptly overwhelmed with demand, with


Common Foot Problems in the Elderly

Common foot problems

With a lowered immune system and other health concerns, the elderly experience a lot of changes to their physical health. Some of the most common issues are related to feet. Many illnesses have a direct impact on the feet, for example, someone with Diabetes can


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