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How to Empower the Elderly People in Your Life

an elderly woman buttoning the cuffs on her shirt

By Natalie Board / Many elderly people feel disempowered by their age, their life circumstances and their health problems — so having a loved one who helps them feel empowered can make a big difference. But not everyone knows how to empower elderly people, especially


Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Seniors 2022

Mother and daughter on Valentine's Day

Are You Looking for the Perfect Valentine's Day Gifts for the Senior in Your LIfe? Valentine’s Day is not just for couples, it’s for everyone! People celebrate Valentine’s Day to show affection for their loved ones and that could include your parents, grandparents, elderly relatives or


How to Measure Your Shoe Size and Width at Home

Online shopping is incredibly convenient and makes it easy to get exactly what you want delivered straight to your home. However, it can be difficult to shop online for clothing and shoes. Sizing charts aren’t standardized, and you simply won’t know for sure how something


Great Gift Ideas for Assisted Living

As the holidays draw closer and closer, one of your biggest questions may be what to give older family members or elderly relatives who are in assisted-living facilities. Whether it's your parents, grandparents, or other relatives, in most cases they will tell you they need


The 22 Best Gifts for Seniors

The 22 Best Gifts for Seniors

Shopping for elderly loved ones can be hard, especially when it comes to Christmas or their birthdays. They’ve had a lifetime to acquire items, and rarely lack anything major. So, what gifts can you get for the elderly? To help inspire your shopping, we’ve put


The Ultimate Home Safety Checklist for Seniors

Ultimate Home Safety Checklist for Seniors

Aging in place is a goal for many seniors, but living alone at home also poses many different challenges. Traditional homes aren’t designed for seniors and their needs and limitations, which can make aging in place tough. If you’re wondering what to do, follow this