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Best Gifts for Grandpa

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Dads always get a lot of attention on Father’s Day, which is June 19 this year. While this is totally understandable, you shouldn’t forget about grandpa either! We know that choosing gifts for grandparents can be tough since they often have everything they could want already. To help you out, we’ve rounded up six of the best gifts for grandpa:

Adaptive clothing for men

Many older adults struggle to dress themselves, especially if they have arthritis in their hands. Thankfully, men’s adaptive clothing can make it possible for grandpa to keep dressing himself. These garments utilize pull-on styles (such as men’s elastic waist pants) or use easy-to-work closures such as zippers and magnets so that your elderly loved one can continue to dress themselves. Some of the clothes also include medical ports so that they can access prosthetics, catheter bags and other medical devices while still looking like “normal” clothes.

Indoor slippers for men

Elderly people need to wear shoes indoors at all times as a fall prevention strategy. However, many people understandably don’t want to wear dirty outside shoes in the house, which is why grandpa will be sure to appreciate a dedicated pair of indoor slippers. We recommend looking for a slipper that has a non-slip sole and that comes with adjustable Velcro tabs. This will allow your elderly loved one to get a secure yet comfortable fit no matter how swollen their feet are that day.

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E-reader stand

Many grandparents are big readers, and lots of them have converted over to e-readers due to the ability to adjust the text to the perfect size so it doesn’t strain their eyes. Unfortunately, e-readers can be heavy and awkward to hold up, especially for long periods of time. If your grandpa is an e-reader enthusiast, then consider getting a folding metal stand that can hold their tablet on a table — no hands required. You can also get a softer e-reader pillow if he prefers to hold the device in his lap while reading on the couch.

Adaptive Clothing Gifts for Grandpa!

Personalized golf balls

Golf is a popular pastime among retirees, and odds are good that you know a grandpa who plays it. Avid golfers are sure to appreciate a set of custom golf balls, which can include their name, a sentimental quote or a funny quip. If your grandpa already has more golf balls than he knows what to do with, then consider other golf accessories instead, such as gloves and club covers.

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Auto-off kitchen appliances

Lots of seniors love to cook, but accidentally leaving on the stove or oven can be a constant worry, especially if they are experiencing memory lapses. If this is a concern for your family, you might want to consider getting grandpa a kitchen appliance with an auto shutdown feature so you never have to worry about him leaving it on. Whether he loves to grill a killer burger or make a huge spread of waffles for family breakfast, there are lots of appliances to choose from that will please any grandpa.

Heated blanket

Many older people tend to run cold, making a heated blanket a must for the winter or colder locations (and some seniors even use them in summer as well!). If your grandpa is always complaining about being too cold, get him a heated blanket or mattress pad for the bed or couch. As with the kitchen appliances, make sure that the blanket will automatically shut itself off after a certain amount of time. Most heated blankets already have this function built in, but it’s still a good idea to double-check before making your purchase.

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