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How to stop disrobing: Anti-Strip Suits

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If you have a loved one that has entered later stages of dementia or Alzheimer’s, you will start to notice traits of these diseases. Symptoms can include repetition, paranoia, fidgeting to name a few. Each set of symptoms is generally unique to dementia patients. Dementia care can be anywhere from in home supportive services to long term care options. It is difficult to know how to deal with dementia in a parent when scientists are still working on understanding dementia as a whole. So take it day by day, and look for resources in dementia care.

The symptom we will be focusing on today is disrobing. There is no exact cause for disrobing or inappropriate behaviour, but there are a few theories. Essentially it is the impaired control of impulses or the inability to communicate properly is what can trigger the response of disrobing. If you are having this issue Silvert’s anti-strip suit is the solution for you!

Silvert’s creates anti-strip suits for women as well as men. Silvert’s has been working on creating the ultimate snit-strip and anti-tear suit. They are always researching materials that will be tear-resistant but at the same time will be comfortable for the wearer, in a sense Silvert’s is working on new ways on how to deal with dementia. There are a variety of materials in order to have a suit for different occasions including warmer suits as well as a shorts version of the suit.

The original

Silvert’s has made an anti-strip suit to help in these situations. This suit is a one piece suit that has a zipper up the back with a dome closure that goes over the zipper at the neck to help prevent disrobing. These suits come in a variety of styles and colours. There are a few main differences in styles. Some of the anti-strip suits have elastic waistband. This is to give the suit a bit of definition and to keep the idea of a top and bottoms. If the patient is resistant to the waistband or complains about waistbands there is a suit that doesn’t have a waistband. Styles are always expanding, with new two piece looks as well as different cuts. This suit will leave both you and your loved one’s caregiver at ease knowing that disrobing will no longer be an issue.

The Dignity Suit

A second dignity suit has been created for disrobing issues at night time. These suits are similar to the anti-strip suit but are tailored to night time. This includes having an added zipper that zips up at the bottom. This can be used for easy access to any diapers or incontinence aids. These suits come in the form of shorts, to allow for breath-ability and comfort when sleeping.


Finally Silvert’s has created underwear for this condition as well. This is your simple undergarment that has snaps at the bottom as well as hook closures at the top. The undergarment is used mainly to secure incontinence products. Sometimes this undergarment will suffice, if you want your loved one to continue to wear their clothes as normal. This is nice safety attire.

The benefit of the anti-strip suit goes beyond just solving a dressing issue. These suits will give peace at mind to you. If your loved one is in a long term care facility, this attire will also put the caregivers at ease to not have to worry about disrobing. This will make it easier on both your loved one as well as their caregiver. The suit will also give your loved one dignity and security in their condition. Dealing with dementia can be taxing on anyone, but with Silvert’s anti-strip wear, we are one step closer to helping both dementia patients and dementia caregivers lives easier.


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