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Adaptive Underwear for Senior Men and Women

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Adaptive underwear are a necessary wardrobe basic for a senior or disabled person. When getting dressed and undressed requires the assistance of a caregiver, specially designed clothing makes the process a lot simpler. Otherwise, your loved ones must raise their arms to accommodate over-the-head dressing, which can be painful or difficult for them (and/or you). There is no reason to struggle with something as form-fitting as an undershirt when it is made with an open back and snap closures.

Adaptive Undershirt Features

Snap closures:

Snap closures are extremely quick and efficient to use. With assisted dressing the ease of not having to put anything over the head and simply snap the underwear into place will cut the time it takes to dress down. Snap technology is superior than other forms from the security. Snaps will keep the suit more secure as opposed to things like easy touch fastenings. Each snap is located on the tops of each shoulder. This is so that there is no chance for any pressure points. Seniors living in wheelchairs or bed ridden patients don’t have to worry about laying on snaps.

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Open back:

Open back clothing eliminates having to put anything over the head. This makes dressing much less of a hassle, and more comfortable for the individual wearing it. The convenience of open back dressing allows for the individual to not have to raise arms to put garments on, making lowered mobility a non-issue. A generous overlap flap at the back will ensure full coverage. Full coverage and ease in dressing makes these open back tops the first choice in assisted dressing. Thus keeping the individual comfortable and dignified.

Quality fabrics:

All undergarments are machine washable. Meaning they can withstand large loads of laundry, as well as heavy cycles with intense heat. Therefore making these underwear great for long term care and retirement environments. They are made from 35% polyester to keep them from shrinking. However 65% is still cotton, making these outfits breathable and comfortable. Rib-knit makes for a comfortable stretch. Additional hooks are provided in the onesie to fit any body type.

Ease of Layering:

These tops are made to be form fitting. With just enough stretch to be able to fit any form, making layering possible. They can be layered under shirts and blouses for extra coverage. Making them great for women that don’t wear braziers anymore. Finally they can also simply be worn as added warmth. Your loved one will never have to be cold! If you need some extra security for your loved one, there is a bodysuit or onesie silhouette. These onesies are great for seniors with diseases like Alzheimer’s or Dementia. Often a dementia patient will try to disrobe or have inappropriate touching problems. This will give them a little added security and precautions against such actions.

How to Put On An Adaptive Undervest

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