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Adaptive Open Side Pants for Senior Men and Women

Side opening pants line art and real demonstrations
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Adaptive open side pants are must-haves for people with arthritis or lowered dexterity. As an independent dresser, it is less of a struggle to handle fasteners specially designed for ease of use. It is also much easier to get in and out of a pair of bottoms when the fasteners are on the side, since the opening is much wider.

Silverts open side pants use VELCRO® or snap buttons to be done up. Whether independently or with assistance, senior or handicapped loved ones can easily get dressed or undressed. Open side trousers are also helpful for people with incontinence issues, as the waist is adjustable and the sizing is generous to accommodate adult diapers.

Adaptive Open Side Pants Features

Open side

  • Convenient dressing and undressing for independent and assisted dressers, this means to say at any level of dressing these pants are a great help.
  • Sturdy, secure, and hidden easy touch closures. Easy touch closures will last through many washes and remain sturdy with even the most stretch.
  • Generous overlap ensures full coverage, whether it be in the front or back, the generous flap allow the pants to be pulled up and down discreetly.

Elastic Waist

  • An elastic waist provides more comfort as this will increase the way that the waist moves. This is comfortable for seniors will a bit of a belly because it will give them the added room they need and will stretch the way their body stretches. Wheelchair users will also find the elastic waist will allow them to sit in a wheelchair comfortably.
  • Accommodates weight fluctuation and incontinence products with the added length in the lap area.

Quality fabrics

  • Variety of fabrics and colors, including polar fleece and cotton blends. Pick a stretchy knit or wear your Sunday best with a gaberdine pant.
  • These pants can be put in a washing machine on a heavy cycle and still come out looking brand new. Dryer friendly, these pants are made to withstand even industrial washing machines, making them a fan favourite for nursing homes and other assisted living facilities.

Mindful silhouettes

  • Fasteners are hidden and remain flat against the body. Fits nicely and sits to allow a pocket on either side.
  • Fit is generous but tailored so the pant is not billowing or unflattering. Making sure to fit any swelling in the leg.
  • Drapes well, with just enough weight to fit comfortable while remaining ascetically pleasing.

Adaptive Open Side Pant Styles

Silverts adaptive trousers with an open side for easy dressing come in a variety of fabrics, weights, and colors for both men and women. In our collection of pants for senior women, we have selections that in the classic gaberdine material, to work with the women that still enjoy a nice dress pant. There is a knit option that is fashionable but also incredibly cozy and has an incredible amount of stretch. Finally there is the track pant, great for keeping warm in the colder months. Track pants are offered in a regular fleece or a terry looper material depending on how cold the wearer gets. During the summer, these pants are offered in both a 100% cotton material, as well as a linen look to keep cool. The cotton and linen looks are offered in a Capri fashion, perfect for a summer look. For men, they come in a gaberdine material to look your Sunday best. A cotton twill material is perfect for a business causal slack trouser look. Finally there are track pants as well to stay warm and cozy during the colder months.

Who are these Pant helpful for?

1. Independent Dressing

Do you struggle with buttons and zippers? Do you have limited dexterity? If any of these apply to you, the adaptive open side pants by Silverts is a great solution for you. Arthritic hands and hands with other lowered dexterity problems will love this easy solution. With no more buttons or zippers, there will be no hard closing points. The dresser has the choice to to either open both sides, for an extra large opening making the pants extremely easy to get on, and then simply pat the easy touch strips together. If they simply require a little extra room, they can open just one side. This often helps if they have one hand that is better than the other, help stroke patients who have only lost mobility on one side of their body.

2. Assisted Dressing

Assisted dressing includes assisted living facilities, such as nursing homes and retirement homes. As well as home care environments. If you require help getting dressed in the morning this style of pant greatly improves the dressing process for both parties. The wearer is able to get in and out of the pants with less help it will make them feel more accomplished throughout the day as well it will let them feel a bit more independent. If they are completely immobile, the flap will make it easier to pull the pants up and down.

3. Incontinence

If there are any issues with incontinence these pants will make a world of difference when trying to get to the washroom as well as changing. For those who still wish to get to the bathroom themselves, this makes a big difference by cutting down the time it takes to take the pants off and pull them down. If they require assistance in the washroom they will have much more privacy as well. With both sides open they are able to keep the front flap over themselves leaving them feeling covered and comfortable. For changing incontinence products, the pants are much easier to take over to make the change faster and more efficient. Pants are also made with just a little extra room in the lap area to ensure that incontinence products will fit.

Spend more time doing the things you love and not worrying about the next time you have to change your pants. Adaptive open side pants will allow quick changes and easy dressing for everyone.


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