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How Do Adaptive Open Back Pants Work?

Adaptive Open Back Pant in wheelchair - demonstration of back
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Adaptive open seat pants are must-haves for bed or wheelchair bound men and women. Whether a patient is independent or requires assistance from a caregiver, Silverts clothing designed for seniors or those with disabilities makes getting dressed and undressed easier. Putting on pants with an open back requires so few leg and hip movements there is no need to leave a seated or lying down position!

Large opening flaps, adjustable closures, and high rise backs are the most comfortable and dignified solutions when it comes to bottoms for elderly parents or people with disabilities. Wheelchair trousers are also useful for seniors with incontinence issues, as there is an opening on the back side of the pants. With sizes up to 3XL, there’s a pair of open back trousers for everyone!

Adaptive Open Seat Pants Features

Open back

  • They are convenient dressing and undressing cutting down morning routine times.
  • Our pants are comfortable and breathable with different fabric options for different seasons. This way you can find the pants that will be most comfortable for you and your loved one.
  • Generous overlap ensures full coverage, even when standing or being transferred from a chair to bed.

Elastic Waist

  • Easy waist makes them easy to slip on and off, giving added room to stretch.
  • The added elastic will give just that much more added comfort to ensure that there is no tightness around the tummy when wearing the pants.
  • Accommodates weight fluctuation

Snap closures

  • The snaps are incredibly easy to use, giving you the ultimate tool for easy dressing.
  • Sturdy and secure, so you can rest assure that they will stay attached!
  • Flat to the touch to give minimal pressure points on back.

Quality fabrics

  • There are many different fabrics to choose from. Soft knit comes in both a winter weight and a summer weight. Fleece pants are a great option for winter, with polar fleece available as well! Opposite is the linen look, nice and light for summer. Finally you can look your Sunday best in gaberdine and a cotton twill rugger pant for men. With each of the fabrics there are many different colors to choose from.
  • Machine washable on heavy cycle. The fabrics are built to last, whether you pick polar fleece or knit, you can rest assure that your pants will hold up in the washing machine.

Mindful silhouettes

  • High rise in the back accommodates a seated position. This gives added comfort of pants sitting in the right spot as well as dignity to not have to worry about skin peeking out if they are to bend over or are sitting all day.
  • Fit is generous but tailored so the pant is not billowing or unflattering. They also make sure that the pants are not too wide at the bottom to be sure that the pants wont get caught in wheelchairs.
  • Drapes well in seated position thanks to the nature of the generous overlap. Snaps are place strategically so that there is an added overlap at the flap. This ensures that your loved one is dignified and comfortable at all times.

How to Put On Wheelchair Pants

The easiest way to introduce adaptive open back wheelchair pants is by seeing the pants being put on. Here are two videos to show the wheelchair pants being put on a man and a woman.

Adaptive Open Back Pant Styles

Silverts adaptive trousers with an open back for easy dressing come in a variety of fabrics, weights, and colors for both men and women. Our collection of senior women’s pants come in a gaberdine material, cozy knit fabric, track pant fleece, a linen look, and a 100% cotton option. For men they come in a cotton twill, and fleece track pant.

Comfort for you and the user:

Open back pants are designed to help both the individual as well as the caregiver. It helps the patient or loved one with more dignity and less pain. If they are bed ridden, putting on pants often involves a lot of rolling to get the pants up. With open back pants there is only one roll and that’s to snap the pants together. This provides safety on the patient because less rolling will have a lesser chance of injury. It provides safety for the caregiver as well against back or shoulder problems. A common issue with caregivers is back and shoulder pain from lifting patients so much. With open back pants they can take a few lifts and rolls out of the morning dressing equation. Throughout the day incontinence products may need to be changed, open back pants makes for less time in the lift in taking off pants, making changing products much easier.

More time for them:

Another main feature of adaptive open back pants is the efficiency of putting them on and taking them off. Morning routines are often dominated by dressing the client. Often caregivers don’t find this time very personal and meaningful to the client. With open back adaptive pants, they are now able to spend more time doing things that provide more meaning for their clients. They have more time to cook, play games, or even just sit and chat with them. There is also the quick efficiency of changing that is possible. This can be changing incontinence products, less shifting and less time in the soiled product. Washroom trips can be more efficient and less painful. If your loved one ever spills at lunch or dinner time, open back pants are easy to simply slide off and change quickly and easily.

Open back pants are mainly for wheelchair users or bed ridden patients. This means that generally it is for people who are immobile from the waist down. If you have a loved one that needs help getting dressed in the mornings but are still mobile, open side pants can be a solution for them ! Find more styles and colors of adaptive open back pants for men and women on Silverts Adaptive Clothing & Footwear.


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