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Accessible Clothing for Wheelchair Users

Disability clothing
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People living with disabilities often lack the representation they deserve. The right representation means celebrating stories of their triumphs and not just the stigmas. Disability success stories define those moments when difficulties and struggles were overcome with resilience, determination, and will power.

In a market that is filled with traditional clothing that fulfills the needs for conventional wear, adaptive fashion has carved a niche for itself, and rightfully so. It is challenging to find fashionable disabled clothing that makes life easier for those with mobility concerns so they can do what they want to do and when they feel like it. Adaptive clothing aims is to alleviate the daily struggles of dressing, to encourage independence and to make caregiving easier for caregivers.

Traditional clothing can be difficult to wear when a person’s range of motion is limited. For example, paralyses can make wheelchair-bound users with disabilities difficult to dress in regular conventional clothing designs when you are unable to weight bear and/or are challenged with lowered upper mobility.

How can wheelchair clothing products help?

A disabled clothing line offers you and/or your loved one a stylish wardrobe designed with a wheelchair user’s special needs in mind.

  • Clothing designs such as special adaptive pants, shirts, and tops that slip on and off from a seated or prone position.
  • VELCRO® brand and Easy Touch closures are special clothing designs for those with arthritis and/or limited dexterity to be easily manipulated and adjusted to suit their needs.
  • Adaptive outerwear features wheelchair rain capes, fleece poncho capes and winter cape ponchos for women and men.
  • Loose-fitting adaptive clothing disability designs allow for freedom of movement and ease of dressing.
  • Adaptive pant designs are generous to allow for extra room for sanitary requirements.
  • Adaptive open back designs provide generous overlaps to ensure dignity while standing or transferring wheelchair users.
  • Hospital gowns with open back features allow caregivers to dress their loved ones while they remain in a seated position.

 Wheelchair users do not have to compromise on quality, style, fashion, and comfort when it comes to dressing solutions.

Types of adaptive functionality:

Here are just a few examples of adaptive clothing that can make life easier for someone with a disability:

Wheelchair Pants:

Wheelchair pants come with a large back flap for quick and easy changes. Adaptive wheelchair pants are great for those in wheelchair or for those who have other mobility concerns. The person can remain seated while they are getting dressed.

How are wheelchair pants put on?

  • The individual remains in a seated position.
  • The individual’s legs are inserted into the pant legs and drawn up to the upper thigh.
  • The caregiver simply snaps the generous overlap into place. The person being dressed is left completely covered without ever having to stand.
  • Assisted disrobing is just as easy.

Open-back tops:

Whether you are a patient in the hospital or a patient recovering at home, adaptive open back tops provide the right solution for easy dressing.For post-operative patients, everyday garments may also put too much pressure on the surgical site–or chafe against it–resulting in discomfort and pain. Adaptive wheelchair dressing provides a less taxing experience.

Full Dignity Hospital gowns:

Adaptive hospital gowns completely open, allowing the individuals arms to be slid into the garment sleeves without ever having to raise/lower their arms or struggle with small neck openings. Silverts hospital gowns for women and men are beneficial for a variety of reasons. They are not just easy to put but provide complete dignity and coverage to the patient or the senior.

Magnetic closure shirts:

Easily hidden clothing magnets on our magnetic closing shirts are strong enough to stay closed when you want and easy to open when you need them to. This magnet fastening shirt features terrific dressing for those with lowered hand dexterity when paralysis is an issue caused by arthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, Parkinson’s, Neuropathy, Multiple Sclerosis, ALS and Stroke.

Adaptive clothing is essential for wheelchair users or anyone who is experiencing a disability. Easy dressing solutions provide ease of dressing, faster and efficient changes, and safer methods of getting dressed.

Do you have any questions about adaptive clothing? Leave a comment and let us know!

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