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7 Surprising Activities To Help Improve Memory In Those With Alzheimer’s

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Did you know that November is the National Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month? But even if it’s still months away, everyone must be aware of it. Not only that it’s apparent to most seniors and golden-aged individuals, but there is no known cure yet for Alzheimer’s disease. Nevertheless, it’s highly preventable which is a good thing to know.

So, as early as now, you may want to learn which activities that can help you prevent the disease. And surprisingly, these activities can help as well those with Alzheimer’s disease to improve their memory. In fact, various Alzheimer’s care facilities for seniors are following these activities on a daily basis.


Regular exercise is already known to offer various health benefits. Whether it may be a physical or mental condition, exercising on a daily basis can highly improve these conditions. Apparently, it can help you boost your brain functions which consequently decreases the risk of memory loss. Also, the increased blood flow to the brain due to exercising promotes new brain cell growth.

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Organize Household or Office Items

House organization is one of the best ways to stimulate brain functions. As it happens, if the person is already suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and is known to be very particular in organizing things, this will certainly help improve memory loss. In addition, this can be done with doing puzzles too as these activities are considered to be exercises for the brain.


Alzheimer’s disease delivers several mental discomforts. And the most appropriate thing to do in order to counter these things is to subject your mind in a very relaxing and stress-free environment. And undoubtedly, a garden full of greens and ornamentals is one of the best examples. Hence, it is highly encouraged for individuals to do gardening every now and then.

Watch Family Videos

Family videos are simply captured memories. And these memories are certainly filled with joy and happiness. So, by simply watching such videos, it can help people with Alzheimer’s disease to relive their past experiences. Moreover, it can help strengthen their memories in the long run.


Smell and taste are some of the things that are found to be helpful in bringing back memories. Accordingly, cooking activities can help improve memory loss, especially to those who are already starting to see symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. Also, cooking your meals on a daily basis can help you consume much more natural foods which are very essential not only to your brain but also to your body.

Socialize With Others

Isolation is one of the things that must be avoided. And the most apparent way to do this is to get social. As it appears, socializing with others challenges the brain to process many things. Whether these things are simple or mind-boggling, they are naturally healthy to stimulate brain functions. And although Alzheimer’s and dementia often come with behavior problems, socialization is still an important part of managing your loved one’s Alzheimer’s.

Work on Puzzles

As mentioned, puzzles are great enhancers for the brain. The more the brain functions, the more the chances of preventing (and even fight) the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. It helps the brain to be more engaged in various scenarios and situations that can help promote the growth of brain cells.

Now, fighting Alzheimer’s disease is really challenging. People with Alzheimer’s disease eventually experience mental decline, rendering their family members helpful in caring for them at home and requiring the help with assisted living facilities of some sorts. But luckily, these activities are really beneficial in preventing the disease and even further improve the brain in the long run.

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