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7 Best Clothes for Stroke Patients

Pull-On Pants
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Having a stroke can significantly impact a person’s mobility and coordination, either temporarily or permanently. This loss of coordination can make certain daily activities, including getting dressed and undressed, more difficult. Choosing clothes and shoes that are specifically designed with the needs of stroke patients in mind, such as those offered by the Silverts online store, can make the dressing process easier on both stroke patients and their caretakers. Here are the seven best clothes for stroke patients from Silverts:

Open-Back Shirts

Many stroke patients struggle to dress themselves after a stroke, but traditional clothing can make assisted dressing tricky. Enter the open-back shirt, which makes it easy for a caretaker to dress a wheelchair-bound patient who must stay seated during the dressing process. These shirts are made with two fabric panels that overlap in the back and secure at the shoulder with snaps. They are available in many different styles, from casual pajamas tops to more formal button-up shirts.

Pull-On Pants

Stroke patients who are still able to dress themselves, but who don’t have the hand mobility to operate zippers and buttons, will benefit from using pull-on pants. These comfortable bottoms replace closures with elastic waistbands that expand and contract with ease, making it super easy to get dressed and undressed. Silvert’s pull-on pants also feature tab loops so that stroke patients can slip their thumbs into the loops to pull the pants up or down, no gripping required.

Open-Back Pants

Pull-on pants are a great solution for some stroke patients, but they won’t work for everyone, especially those who are wheelchair bound and need help getting dressed. In those situations, open-back pants might be a better choice. Like open-back shirts, open-back pants feature two overlapping panels over the seat of the pants so that the caretaker can dress the patient while they remain fully seated. The pants snap together in the back, proving modesty and comfort, while looking like traditional pants when viewed from the front.

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Open-Back Dresses and Nightgowns
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Open-Back Dresses and Nightgowns

If pants are too complicated, then get them an all-in-one outfit like an open-back dress or nightgown. Like the shirts, these dresses and nightgowns feature full-length fabric panels in the back that completely overlap to preserve their dignity. The snap panels fasten at the shoulders in order to keep the panels secure. These garments come in many designs, from whimsical prints to solid colors, including some dresses that are suitable for wearing out of the house. At Silverts, we offer nightgowns for both men and women so all genders can sleep in comfort.

Magnetic Closure Jackets

Closures such as buttons, snaps and zippers can be tricky for stroke patients to operate even if they can otherwise dress themselves. If your loved one is looking for outerwear to wear after a stroke, then consider getting them one of Silverts’ magnetic closure jackets. We offer a hoodie with a magnetic zipper, a sherpa jacket with magnetic snaps, a cardigan with magnetic buttons and more to help stroke patients stay warm throughout the seasons.

Front Closure Bra
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Front Closure Bras

Stiff underwire bras can be difficult to put on even if you have no mobility issues, and they can be troublesome and uncomfortable for stroke patients to wear. Consider getting them some soft front closure bras that swap underwire for elastic bands that are supportive yet comfortable. These bras also move the closures from the back to the front, making it easier to put them on and take them off, especially for patients who can still dress themselves.

Slip-On Shoes

Even if the stroke patient is wheelchair-bound, wearing adaptive footwear is still important to protect their feet and keep them warm. If they are still mobile, then they definitely need to be wearing slip-on shoes at all times — including inside the house — to help them stay steady on their feet and prevent falls. Sliverts sells a wide range of slip-on shoes for both men and women in a variety of styles, from slippers to tennis shoes to dress shoes, to suit every occasion.

Ready to buy clothing for stroke patients? Silverts offers a wide variety of styles for both men and women, with most clothes ranging from size small to 3XL so you can find the best fit. And if you’re searching for more gifts for stroke victims, check out our gift guide for inspiration. Keep in mind that all Silverts orders ship free in the U.S., no order minimum required, so don’t hesitate to place one today! 

And if you’re searching for more gifts for stroke victims, check out our gift guide for inspiration.

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