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Gifts for Assisted Living

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As Christmas draws closer and closer, one of your biggest questions may be what to give older family members or elderly relatives who are in assisted-living facilities. Whether it’s your parents, grandparents, or other relatives, in most cases they will tell you they need absolutely nothing. While this may or may not be true, that’s not going to stop you from searching high and low for the perfect gift that will make them realize there was actually something out there they wanted or needed after all. If you’re wanting to make sure you find a unique gift this holiday season, here are some great ideas.

Fleece Bed Jacket

If you’ve got a female relative who’s always complaining of being cold, a fleece bed jacket just might be the answer. Perfect to wear when she has company over, the jackets come in a wide variety of style and colors, and many have easy-to-close snaps to make getting them on and off much easier. They are easy to wear whether in a wheelchair or sitting in a recliner.

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Old-Time Candy

If your relative has a sweet tooth and loves to reminisce about days gone by, consider buying them a gift basket consisting of old-time candy. Available in nostalgic collections from various decades, it’s a gift that not only can you enjoy with your relative, but will also inspire them to tell funny and maybe even poignant stories from their younger days. Find a large variety on Amazon!

Simple Music Player

For relatives who may have problems with dementia or Alzheimer’s, research has shown that listening to familiar music can offer numerous benefits. If you’re willing to spend about $200, the Simple Music Player MP3 Box could be the gift you’ve been seeking. Easy to operate and resembling an old-time radio, it comes programmed with 40 classic oldies, and can have more tunes added by a caregiver.

Talking Alarm Clock

If there is one thing many older people have trouble with, it’s remembering when to take their medications. Since this can be potentially very dangerous, giving a talking alarm clock can indeed be a lifesaver. Showing the current date and time in large, easy-to-read letters and numbers, it has a soothing female voice that can be programmed to talk up to four times daily as a reminder for your loved one to take their medication. Small enough to easily set on a table or nightstand, it costs $30 and is a gift that can give true peace of mind to you and your relative.

Huggable Electronic Breathing Pets

In many assisted-living facilities, pets are not allowed. However, if you give your loved one a huggable electronic breathing pet, they’ll feel just like they’ve got a furry canine or feline companion in their lap. Battery-operated, they actually feel and sound as if they are breathing, as well as looking extremely life-like. Shown to be good for people with Alzheimer’s as a way to help them calm down, these pets offer numerous benefits. At less than $40, they’re a real bargain.

No matter whether you choose one or all of these gifts for your loved one, there’s no doubt they will not only have a Christmas to remember, but peace of mind and true joy as well.

Article c/o Senior Helpers of Westford, MA

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