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5 Best Gifts for Seniors: Give the gift of comfort

Best gifts for seniors
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The holiday season is inching closer and you may have started thinking of making a gift list for your loved ones. What are some of the best gifts for seniors? Should they be stylish, practical, fun, or inspiring? Maybe the perfect gift combines style and functionality making it easier for your senior loved one to use and enjoy it.

We have made a list of useful gift ideas for seniors that can be helpful for caregivers too:

Adaptive Clothing:

For seniors, gifting them comfortable adaptive clothing is a great idea. If they have arthritis, adaptive clothing like elastic waist pants or side open pants can help them dress easily. If they have a caregiver caring for them, this gift can provide easy dressing solutions to the caregiver. Adaptive clothing is also great for those who have problems with hand dexterity or if they suffer from rheumatoid arthritis. Arthritic pain in hands can make it difficult to use buttons and adaptive pants can help solve that problem. If your senior loved is in a wheelchair, they can benefit from Silverts wheelchair pants. Wheelchair pants can be put on while they are in a sitting position or if they are lying down.

If your senior loved one has other mobility problems due to other health reasons, they can benefit from open back tops that are designed to provide easy dressing solutions. Joint stiffness or joint pain is one of the leading causes of painful dressing. With an open back top, the wearer does not need to pull shirts over their head. The open back design allows their caregiver to help them dress while they are sitting or standing. They do not have to raise their arms in an uncomfortable position to wear clothes. Magnetic shirts also make it easy to dress. For those suffering from severe arthritis, magnetic button shirts simply snap into place without having to struggle with buttons. Giving your seniors adaptive clothing will help them dress easily and make them feel comfortable mentally.

Custom Photo Calendar:

A custom photo calendar is a great way to remind them of great times. This is a nice gift especially for those who suffer from Alzheimer’s or dementia. This gift can be a lovely memory for them, and it can also open a doorway to conversations with their friends. If your senior loved one is at a nursing care facility, a custom photo calendar can help them reminisce. Before you customize the calendar, you can go through the pictures and choose the best ones. Family members or family caregivers can choose pictures from family gatherings, vacations, special occasions, or their pets.

Wheelchair Blanket:

Your senior loved ones can use a comfortable blanket as a throw in their room. Beautiful blankets can give a decorative look to their room and help them feel cheerful. You can also get the blanket personalized by having it printed with their favorite picture or place. If your senior loved one is in a wheelchair, they can benefit from wheelchair blankets that come in different colors. Wheelchair blankets also have a patch pocket so your elderly loved one can keep their small belongings in it. These blankets also have snaps where you can attach the blanket to the arms of the wheelchair. Family members can make a gift set with this wheelchair blanket and a wheelchair cape for added comfort and warmth.

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Comfortable Footwear:

Comfortable and safe footwear is essential to your senior loved one’s safety. In nursing care facilities and long-term care homes, your seniors can wear slip-resistant footwear to avoid potential slips and falls. If your senior loved one is at home, they can use adaptive slippers for comfort. Slip-resistant slippers make a great gift because they are useful, practical, and comfortable.

If your senior loved one is diabetic or they have other health concerns, they may be experiencing swelling in the feet. Extra wide slippers allow maximum comfort for different levels of swelling. You do not have to go up in size with Silverts adaptive footwear, because when feet experience swelling, they swell in width not in length. Comfortable adaptive footwear will help them with their daily tasks or nightly trips to the washroom. Another option for safe walking is to use gripper socks because they have treads at the bottom that prevent potential slipping.

Walker Pouch:

Your senior mom or grandmother may like to keep their essentials handy. It could be a small pill box, a memento, a small notepad, a pen, or headphones that they want to keep in a pouch. A walker pouch enables them to carry their essentials with ease. This pouch can easily be used with wheelchairs as well. It has adjustable easy touch straps that attach securely to wheelchairs or walked. Featuring two zippered pockets with easy to grasp pull and two open pockets to keep belongings handy and protected, these pouches make a great accessory.

Do you have other practical gift ideas in mind for seniors? Leave a comment and let us know!

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