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9 Stimulating Sitting Exercises for Seniors

sitting seniors stretching arms upward

By wavebreakmedia / Just because you’re chair-bound doesn’t mean that you can’t get your exercise in! There are plenty of chair exercises that you can do in a seated position, so even if you’re not able to stand up, you can still get your blood


6 Ways That Adaptive Footwear Can Help Caregivers

caregiver putting on adaptive footwear

Adaptive Footwear can help healthcare professionals in ensuring their patients remain comfortable and safe. Firstly, what is considered to be adaptive footwear? All adaptive footwear features have characteristics designed to ensure comfort as well as to eliminate different safety hazards. The main features of adaptive


Elder Care Options: Which Is Best for Your Loved One?

senior man stretching in yoga pose

By Koldunov / Wondering how to best take care of your loved one as they age? There are many options available for older adults of various independence levels and medical conditions. Here are nine elder care options that you should consider for your family member: Aging


5 Aerobic Activities for Seniors

pair running outdoors

By imtmphoto / You’ve probably heard of the benefits of strength training for older adults, as it helps to fight off bone and muscle loss as you age. But do you know the benefits of aerobic activity for older adults? Aerobic activity keeps your cardiovascular system


7 Best Self-Care Tips For Seniors

Older man sitting on a bench in a city. Looking downwards. People walking by at a distance.

Aging is what we make it. For some, the limited mobility and reduced performance that come with age sound intimidating, but there are steps you can take to help you age gracefully.


The 8 Types of Hospital Gowns

Side view of mature scrub nurse assisting surgeon putting on sterile operating gown

By Tyler Olson / While all hospital gowns may follow the same basic shape, they are not created equal — and, in fact, certain types of hospital gowns have very different purposes. Some are meant to be worn by doctors and nurses, while others are designed


How to Put on a Hospital Gown

Portrait of smiling senior patient sitting on bed in hospital

By wavebreakmedia / Hospital gowns are a simple garment, yet oh-so-tricky to put on (and take off). This is a wardrobe staple of hospital clothes for patients, yet few have mastered the art of donning a hospital gown. Here are our four top tips for


6 Exciting Activities for Elderly People

Elder lady with glasses helping her friend with computer issue

By / We love a rousing game of bingo or a difficult crossword puzzle as much as the next person, but we also acknowledge that not every senior enjoys these types of traditional activities. If you’re looking for ways to spend your retirement that


Making Medicare Work for Assisted Living Residents

Young women sitting beside bed and holding hand of older man laying down.

What does Medicare cover when it comes to aging? As caregivers and family members it is important to know what to expect when the time comes for extended health care services or moves into assisted living homes.