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Bedsores: Causes and Prevention

Bedsores in seniors

What are bedsores? Bedsores, also known as pressure sores, affect people who have spent a long time in one position. For patients who have been bedridden for some time because of certain illnesses such as paralysis, age-related health concerns, or frailty suffer from bedsores which


Tai Chi for Seniors: Benefits and Resources

Tai Chi for Seniors and their caregivers Tai Chi for seniors is an extremely popular method for staying active in a safe manner. Due to various health reasons, it gets difficult for some seniors to incorporate exercise into their daily routine. Their limitations could include restrictive


Stress Relief Gifts for Family Caregivers 2020

Stress Relief Gifts

Family caregivers go through a lot of stress in their daily routine. There may be a caregiver in your family, friends, or work circle who deserves to be reminded that they are doing great. Informal caregiver, also known as family caregiver, can be a spouse, a relative, a