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8 Tips for Post Surgery Care At Home

What steps can caregivers take to make post-operative care and experience better? Getting surgery done is a stressful decision despite the positive outcomes it can bring. For seniors, it is even more difficult because of slow healing and increased risk of complications. Post-operative care for


Gift ideas for Long Term Care Residents

Top 10 Gifts for Nursing Home Residents

When someone moves into a nursing home, their lifestyle changes. They no longer have as much space as they used to. This changes what you can and can't buy for them. We have put together a list of top ten gift ideas for someone who is


11 Great Gift Ideas for People with Arthritis

Of course, people with rheumatoid arthritis enjoy personalized gifts like the rest of us. However, a gift to help them through their struggle shows concern and care for their condition. There are a number of tools that make everyday life less challenging. Which one will


9 Gift Ideas for Hospital Patients

Holiday shopping for a friend or relative staying at a hospital post-surgery or for other reasons can be a delicate endeavor. Spending the holidays in a hospital is no-doubt difficult for the patient and their family and friends. However, there’s no better time to show


Healthcare Aide Day

October 18 is Health Care Aide Day in Manitoba and British Columbia. Health Care Aide Day recognizes the work of individuals who provide care for the elderly and senior citizens. Health care aide workers work in a variety of settings, including home, community and residential


Getting Dressed in All Stages of Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s disease is characterized by toxic changes in the brain. Therefore, it largely impairs memory and judgment, although motor skills may also be affected when brain signals meant to control muscles are damaged. Getting dressed can become a struggle for both patients and their caregivers. With


Coping with disrobing a senior with Alzheimer’s or Dementia

Anti Strip Advice For Senior With Alzheimer’s Or Dementia A common symptom for people with Alzheimer’s and other dementia is the tendency to try to remove their clothes. As with many Alzheimer's symptoms, it can be difficult to explain the phenomenon, especially as the brain deteriorates more


The Best Senior Care Resources

At home Senior care

With so much information out there on the topics of caring for the elderly, it is hard to know where to even begin.  Sorting out the relevant from the irrelevant, the experts from the untrained and helpful from the harmful is incredibly challenging.  In an