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Pet Therapy in a Nutshell

Combatting loneliness in seniors is a huge care giving hurdle. Since their families are often uninvolved and limitations in mobility make it difficult to maintain a social life, an older adult is especially prone to isolation. Apart from the drastically lowered quality of life, these


Dementia: Common First Signs & Early Symptoms

If you’re one of the fortunate adults who has one or both parents living, you may be curious about their aging process and the potential deterioration of physical and mental capabilities. A common problem of aging is the loss of memory. Although not all seniors


How Do I Get My Elderly Loved One to Take Their Medication?

Helping seniors take their medication

Handling Resistance to Medication Medication, despite their ability to create relief for senior patients, may cause a caregiver some trouble if they refuse to take it. Especially if the older adult suffer from Alzheimer’s or dementia, the struggle’s repetitiveness can get quite frustrating. There are many reasons


How to Choose an Assisted Living Facility

assisted living

Choosing an Assisted Living Facility for your aging loved one It can be challenging to decide which assisted living home suits a senior. Of course, the proper care is necessary, but finding an establishment that ensures an active and well-balanced life for your loved one is


Meditation & Mindfulness for Seniors

meditation and mindfulness for seniors

There is no question about the importance of being social, especially elderly people who are prone to isolation and thus depression. Physical and mental health can be greatly improved with some good ol’ company or community-based activity. Time with family and friends is incredibly important in an


How to Prevent Senior Isolation

As adults age, it’s common for their social connections to decrease due to lack of mobility, retirement, and other reasons. No matter the cause of senior isolation, it is crucial for caregivers to take extra measures to promote socialization. The consequences of feeling lonely for


Top Ten Winter Activities for Seniors

winter activities older senior

When the winter comes around, finding stimulating activities for the elderly can be even more of a challenge. But don’t let something like the weather get in the way of fun. There are tons of things to do with aging parents or grandparents that doesn’t


Elder Abuse: How to Spot the Signs

elder abuse

Elder abuse takes so many different forms it is often overlooked. Emotional, financial, neglect, and even physical abuse towards seniors is rarely ever reported to law enforcement authorities. Unfortunately, they are more common than everyone thinks. Any action that victimizes a senior whether it is deliberate