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10 Steps to Help Your Parents Find the Best Medicare Coverage

Since 2005, our agency has helped Medicare beneficiaries navigate the enrollment and plan selection process. The confusion that comes with Medicare’s rules and regulations is frustrating for the beneficiaries trying to figure it all out. Likewise, the process is overwhelming for adult-children trying to help


Are you in denial about your aging parents?

Denial is a powerful defense mechanism that we all use unconsciously or willingly to cope with stressful situations. While it’s completely human to do so, denial should be seen as a stepping stone to handle related issues, rather than a long-term solution. In the case of


Adaptive Tools for Senior Fitness

Aging is no reason to stop exercising. If anything, it is more a reason to stay on top of your physical fitness. It keeps the body and mind functioning to the best of its ability for aging parents and their caregivers alike. However, some elements