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How to Balance Care giving and a Career

Family caregiving is often not a choice. The role springs up for almost everyone at some point in their life. The truth is, we feel obligated to take on the role when a loved one ages or becomes infirm — it’s human nature to care


Which Wheelchair Cape is Best?

Buying clothing online for a loved one in a wheelchair can be a bit tedious. When it comes to outerwear, Silvert’s has so many cape options of varying sizes, weights, and colors that it may be overwhelming to make a selection! When looking for the right


Family Caregivers: Who Will Take Care of You?

Eye looking upwards pondering who will take care of them when they are older

There is no shortage of posts written on the topic of family caregiving and self-care. You know the drill. Get a good night’s sleep. Eat right. Exercise. Stay social, and so on. These well-meaning messages may fall short of the big picture. If you have


Attn Caregivers: Get The Most From Sleep!

Being a caregiver is not an easy role. It can take an emotional, psychological and sometimes physical toll on people. It’s vital for caregivers to take care of themselves first in order to properly take care of their patient. Getting enough sleep is one of