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The Real Crisis in Senior Housing

I'll never forget the day my aunt found my grandmother eating a handful of pills while watching her favorite show on television. She had thought they were M&Ms—the first sign that my grandma was living with dementia. My aunt knew then her move to an assisted


Adaptive Underwear for Senior Men and Women

Adaptive underwear are a necessary wardrobe basic for a senior or disabled person. When getting dressed and undressed requires the assistance of a caregiver, specially designed clothing makes the process a lot simpler. Otherwise, your loved ones must raise their arms to accommodate over-the-head dressing, which


Thinking about quitting caregiving?

Quitting caregiving is something you may wish to do throughout your experience. It is no question that caregiving is taxing both physically and mentally. Especially when caring for a loved one, you may feel trapped in the caregiver role. The very nature of caregiving is