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Adaptive Caregiving: Part 2

Buttoning a blouse, pulling a sweater over my head, tying my shoes, and zipping up my jacket -- I go through these simple, everyday tasks of getting dressed in the morning without giving them much thought. All I need is about fifteen minutes to pull


Time Flying by? Tips on Slowing it Down

The year is 1959. I am seven-years-old, and it is a typical July Chicago morning. Everyone is sleeping but me. I’m sitting on the front porch with my dog. It’s already 89 degrees outside, and I’ve got a long, hot day ahead of me. I


Family Caregivers: How Do You Spell Relief? – Part One

Everybody ages differently. If you gather together hundreds of people who are in their ninetieth decade of life in one room, you will have on hand marathon runners and mountain climbers, retirees and workaholics, as well as people who spend every waking moment in a


Adaptive Caregiving: Part 1

Making pasta sauce from scratch is not something I do often because the cooking process alone can take almost an entire day. Grocery shopping for ingredients is also a labor of love. Are the tomatoes ripe and tasty? Is the basil fresh? Are the carrots


Helping Seniors Manage Medications

Managing medication

33% of the elderly population (aged 75-85) takes 5 or more prescription pills a day.  That is in addition to any over-the-counter medication the individual may be taking.  All of this can add up to a potentially dangerous situation requiring caregivers and loved ones to


How Can I Be In Two Places At Once?

Caring for seniors when you're overwhelmed

Managing the care of aging parents and loved ones requires that we family caregivers learn an entirely new set of rules and roles. On any given day we grapple with questions like: Who makes the decisions? Who pays for what? We also ride the daily


Shifting Your Caregiving Perspective

Shifting your Caregiving Perspective

It’s very difficult to keep a balanced perspective on life when you feel like you are sinking. I personally have tried to look at the big picture to stay calm and focused but often get overwhelmed with the little details and feel trapped in my


Too Much, Too Soon

Too Much Too Soon

When was the last time you asked your aging parents to help you? As a family caregiver you do everything within your means to be of service to the people you care for – you run errands; you cook and clean; you attend medical appointments. Caregiving


Palliative Home Visits are the Future

Palliative Home Visits

“What I fear the most – what really terrifies me – is being short of breath and not being able to swallow.” So said the husband of his dying wife. This is terrifying to me, too, so I listened closely to the response given by Palliative Care 


Sharing the Caring

Sharing Caring

The Change Foundation ‘is an independent health policy think tank that works to inform positive change in Ontario’s health care system.’ They completed an in depth review based on the 2012 General Social Survey of Ontario’s family caregivers. A few of their key findings include: “An estimated