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Make Your Morning Routine a Snap!

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Make Your Morning Routine a Snap!

Morning routines with a senior can be cumbersome. If you have a mom or dad that needs help getting dressed and completing the morning routine, adaptive clothing is a great asset to add to your morning routine. Cut you time down in the morning with struggle free dressing and be able to have more time to sit and relax with your parent. Do you have someone coming in and helping with the morning routine? Make the dressing time go faster, giving them more time to help with the breakfast and breakfast clean up.

How adaptive clothing helps caregiver stress:

Adaptive clothing helps an in home caregiver as much as caregiver duties for PSW workers in long term care. It is hard to define caregiver due to the fact that caregivers range from a home health aide, to nurses and PSWs in long term care, even to becoming a care giver for a family member. Being a caregiver is a full time job, especially when the senior is living with a family caregiver. Adaptive clothing has assistive technology in creating the ease of dressing so every senior can either one; continue to dress independently, or two; allowing caregiver to easily put clothing on. This can cut the morning routine time down, as well as make the routine less stressful and less painful for the patient.

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Adaptive Clothing: What it is and how it helps with every morning routine

Adaptive clothing can vary depending on the wearer’s level of mobility. However, most articles of clothing can have an adaptive option. Here are a few of the many adaptive options to make dressing struggle free.


Let’s begin with tops. Magnetic shirts are available in men’s and women’s sizing. These are shirts with fake buttons, which instead have easy magnets that simply snap into place. To create more ease on the individual and caregiver, open back tops are available. These tops are completely open at the back, and with a generous overlap that snap into place. Snaps are located on either shoulder to ensure that there are no pressure points when someone is sitting or lying down. Open back tops also come in under vests. These open back under vests work in the same fashion, but gives you an option to wear something underneath.

Open Back Adaptive Long Sleeve Top
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When it comes to bottoms, there are three main levels of adaptation. The first level is generally for seniors that can still dress themselves independently but have lowered mental capabilities or lowered hand dexterity. This is simply an elasticized pant. This eliminates any buttons or zippers, for both men and women. For men, a pant that still has a zipper for bathroom purposes is optional, but still with an elastic waist to eliminate buttons. The second level of adaptation is open side pants. These pants have easy touch openings with hook and loop closures on either side of the pant. This not only makes putting them on easy, but also creates a flap on the front and back. This can make changing easier if incontinence products are being used. Finally, if you know someone that is completely wheelchair bound, open back pants can be an immense help to your morning routine. These are pants that have snaps at the waist but open completely at the back, with an overlapping flap that simply snaps into place. These pants can be put on from either a seated or lying down position.

Open Back Wheelchair Pant
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Other Adaptive Options:

Adaptive dresses are the same snap design as the tops, but simply in the form of a dress. This can create more ease throughout the day, especially if adult incontinence products are being worn, it helps in changing. Pick out a nice one, then your loved one can look their Sunday best in a dress again. Bras for women come in snap options as well as a hook closure, which button up at the front for added ease. Finally skirts that wrap around and are put into place with hook and loop closures are readily available. So whatever their style is, you are bound to find an adaptive solution for dressing.

Nighttime routine:

Now that we have gone over the morning routine, the nighttime routine can be just as easy. Look into adaptive nightwear, such as open-back nightgowns. These nightgowns work the same as the adaptive tops, but will go down to the knees. This is fantastic for in case of any accidents in the night or nightly bathroom trips.

Adaptive is just one of many things you can do to speed up and ease up your morning or nighttime routine. Other adaptations can include modifying every day appliances into something more senior friendly; such as a bathtub that accommodates a chair. Stop dreading the morning routine, start blowing through it.

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