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How to Celebrate Mother’s Day with an Elderly Parent

How to Celebrate Mother’s Day with an Elderly Parent

There are many unique ways to spend Mother’s Day. Though every family is different, everyone knows that quality time is the best way to honour your mom this Sunday. However, especially when you’re an adult child, you’re no stranger to quality time with mom and may be searching for a new activity to do together! Whether she lives in a nursing home or is receiving home care, here are some special ways to celebrate Mother’s Day with a senior mom.


Share a meal

Eating together is truly a bonding experience. Take your mother to her favourite restaurant whether it’s just the two of you or an entire family affair. If she prefers or must stay at home, bring along the groceries and cook them together — teamwork makes the dream work!


Explore her passions

In the hustle and bustle of every day life, your mother may rarely get a chance to explore her passions, let alone enjoy them with loved ones. Perhaps she’s into painting, pottery, or sports. Why not use the day to take a class, visit a museum, or attend a show? She’ll surely appreciate both the activity and the support! If your senior mom has physical limitations, bring her passion to her by gathering the tools needed, or enjoy them in the form of a book or walk down memory lane.


Take a walk in the park

Being in nature is a grounding experience for people of all ages. Give the gift of inner balance to your mother by taking her on a stroll in the woods, a park, or a botanical garden.


Have a Spa Day

Every lady loves a little R & R! Book yourself and your mother for a massage, hair appointment, manicure and/or pedicure. Or you can do them for her at home!


Throw a house party

Invite family and friends over for a casual get-together at her place or yours. If all the mothers are attending, it’ll be quality time to celebrate for everyone. Throwing a potluck means everyone’s contributing. Enjoy the afternoon relaxing, socializing, and eating!


Have a Quiet Stay in

There are tons of simple things to do at home with your senior mother. Once again, the key to Mother’s Day is quality time with the amazing woman that raised you. Stay in and read her a book, do a puzzle, play board games, or watch movies together. Be present to show her you care.


Did we miss something? Tell us how you plan to spend Mother’s Day in the comments section below!

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