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Gift Ideas for Wheelchair Users

Gift Ideas for Wheelchair Users

Finding a gift for somebody who uses a wheelchair is often no different than finding a gift for any loved one. You simply rack your brain for a creative gift idea based on their hobbies or personality quirks, or go for a useful gadget for every day living. Clothing is also a quick go-to!

However, if you’ve exhausted all your options or it’s down to the last minute and you’re still struggling with shopping for them, here are some great gift ideas for a wheelchair user.


Adaptive Wheelchair Jeans

Jeans are a casual closet staple, but it can be difficult to find the perfect pair for somebody who is in a seated position most of the time. Regular pants are hard to put on, sit too low in the back, ride up, and cause discomfort. Silvert’s jeans are specially designed to address these issues. Plus, there are styles by notable designer Izzy Camilleri!


Virtual Assistant

Since we’re in the thick of the electronic age, there are tons of high-tech gadgets in the market to update the home. Voice control products have become increasingly popular, since they’re a total game changer! All-encompassing smart speakers like Google Home and Amazon Echo are especially practical because they can be adapted to the entire home to control music, lights, curtains, make calls, look up facts, and tons more — with just your voice.


Cozy Slippers

Everyone needs a good pair of slippers to wearing around the home. Especially during the winter, a wheelchair user’s extremities lose warmth due to less blood flow towards unused muscles. Silvert’s has a variety of slipper styles and colors to choose from.


Kindle E-reader

Who doesn’t love a good read? The Kindle e-reader is a lightweight tablet with a non-reflective screen that looks like paper. It can access and store thousands of e-books and essays, so you have all of the options at your fingertips. Pretty handy for somebody who likes to read but can’t necessarily store or carry thousands of books!


Bluetooth Headphones

Handsfree devices are perfect for people whose hands are often occupied. A good pair of bluetooth headphones to control music and calls is helpful when you’re on the go. Find a handful of the best bluetooth headphone styles for different uses on ExpertReviews.


Winter Cape

A cold weather throw-over coat is an easy, no-brainer gift since everyone needs a piece of outerwear in the winter! Silvert’s winter wheelchair cape is faux shearling-lined with a water-repellent coating, comes in a huge variety of colors, and is adapted to fit a person sitting in a wheelchair. Other capes and ponchos are also available.

Did we miss something? As always, if you have any suggestions, please let us know in the comments below!

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