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Gift Ideas for People with Arthritis

Gift Ideas for People with Arthritis

Of course, people with rheumatoid arthritis enjoy personalized gifts like the rest of us. However, a gift to help them through their struggle shows concern and care for their condition. There are a number of tools that make everyday life less challenging. Which one will you choose for your loved one?

Here are our gift suggestions for people living with arthritis:


Herbal Hot or Cold Pad

A full set of hot/cold aromatherapy pads are a great gift for just about any adult. This set has four pieces: a shoulder wrap, lumbar pack, eye pillow, and handheld pack. They’re all filled with herbs that are known to ease muscle and joint pain.


Comfort Floor Mat

A padded floor mat is a game changer if your friend or family member is up on his or her feet for long periods of time. For example, simply washing the dishes can put such a strain on someone with rheumatoid arthritis that their ankles creak or swell. A gel and/or foam padded mat combats fatigue and can be used in the kitchen, garage, bathroom, you name it!


Clothing Designed for Arthritis Sufferers

Adaptive clothing is made for people struggling with the symptoms of arthritis. Constricting silhouettes and small, finicky closures are no-go’s, since their dexterity is limited. Silvert’s has a variety of independent dressing solutions that look like everyday wear, including magnetic button shirts, elastic open-side pants, and front-fastening bras.


Bath Bombs and Soaks

Everybody loves a nice, long bath. Get your loved one a basket of bath soaks teeming with epsom salt and essential oils. The minerals in epsom salt promote bone and muscle health, thereby relieving pain and stiffness caused by arthritis.


Heated Blanket

Especially if your relative or friend sleeps in a cold environment, an electric blanket can do wonders for their arthritis issues. Morning stiffness and pain are common for somebody with arthritis; sometimes it can be so uncomfortable just to try to get out of bed. A blanket that heats up on its own may diminish some of that struggle!

Did we miss something? As always, if you have any suggestions, please let us know in the comments below!


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