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Everyday Life Hacks for People with Arthritis

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Everyday Life Hacks for People with Arthritis

Many activities can be a struggle for people living with rheumatoid arthritis. The aches and pains it causes the joints can get in the way of performing daily tasks. Fortunately, those with the condition often create solutions in order to and function just fine! Here are some clever life hacks for coping with arthritis.

Raise your seat to help you stand up

If it’s difficult to get up from a seated position, such as your chair, sofa, or bed, perhaps adding a bit of height will alleviate the strain arthritis has on your knees. Invest in higher furniture or simply sit on a cushion or folded towel.

Easy-to-move furniture

It can be quite cumbersome to move large pieces of furniture in order to rearrange them, walk around them, or clean under them. Furniture on wheels or lighter weight pieces might just be the solution you’re looking for to maintain independence with arthritis!

Adaptive clothing

Getting dressed can be tedious for people suffering with rheumatoid arthritis. Tiny fasteners like buttons on shirts or zippers on pants make clothing difficult to put on. Adaptive clothing is designed to address these needs; Silvert’s carries many options like magnetic button shirts and open-side pants for ease of dressing.

Bring the kitchen and spa to your bedside

We all know how wearisome it can be to get out of bed in the morning or middle of the night! Place a mini fridge next to your bed and stock it with all the necessities. Things like water, ice packs, and medicine will be comfortably in reach!

Wrap rubber bands around all jars

Opening jars can be quite strenuous on the fingers. A simple solution is to wrap rubber bands on every twist-open lid in the house, so that they are always ready to be opened! Rubber bands help immensely with gripping small items.

Movement is your friend

Rheumatoid arthritis makes movement a burden, but mindful movements can be endlessly helpful in alleviating pain. Try some easy exercise, for example tapping each finger to your thumb a few times a day, to lessen arthritis symptoms. Stretching through calculated breathing, like in practices such as yoga or tai chi, helps with flexibility.

Adjust your diet

There are certain foods that are notorious for making arthritis symptoms worse. There are also certain foods that help! Learn what those foods are and adapt your diet to meet those restrictions. Also keep in mind that you may personally be sensitive to foods that others aren’t. Watching your nutrition is key for many conditions — rheumatoid arthritis is no exception.

We’d love to hear your arthritis life hacks! Feel free to share them in the comments section below.

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