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Solutions for Men's and Women's Foot Problems

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Women's Antimicrobial Fluid Barrier Extra Wide Comfort Step Shoes - Easy Touch Footwear For Swollen Feet
$74.38 US
Item: 10500
  • Black
Mens Wide Ultra Lightweight Walking Shoes - Slip Resistant
$60.43 US
Item: 50010
  • Black
Men's Extra Wide Comfort Step Shoes - Easy Touch Footwear For Swollen Feet
$74.38 US
Item: 51000
  • Black

Antimicrobial Protection Fluid Barrier Advantage Extra Wide Extra Deep Shoes For Women -  Slip Resistant Comfortable Walking Shoes
$55.78 US $65.08
Save $9.30
Item: 10240
  • Beige
  • Black
Womens Slip-On Adjustable Buckle Sandal Shoes - Shock-Absorbing Cork Footbed With Arch Support
$65.08 US
Item: 10290
  • Black
  • Brown

VELCRO® Brand Closure Slippers - Womens Extra Wide Slippers- Skid Resistant
$43.69 US
Item: 10010
  • Black

Womens VELCRO® Brand Closure Indoor & Outdoor Extra Wide Sandals
$32.53 US $43.69
Save $11.16
Item: 10020
  • Black
VELCRO® Brand Closure Women's Extra Wide Open-Toe Shoes - Skid Resistant
$30.67 US $46.48
Save $15.81
Item: 10030
  • Beige
Womens Wide Ultra Lightweight Walking Shoes - Slip Resistant
$60.43 US
Item: 10250
  • Black

Womens Hugster Indoor / Outdoor Shoes / Slippers - Extra Wide / Deep
$74.38 US
Item: 10260
  • Black

Womens Extra Wide Comfort Slippers - Womens House Slippers With Adjustable Closures
$37.18 US
Item: 10350
  • Black
  • Navy
  • Rose
Womens Wide Adjustable Sandals Indoor Outdoor Sandals Adjustable With Straps Brand
$37.18 US
Item: 10370
  • Black
  • Natural

Womens Extra Wide Swollen Feet Slippers - Soft Cozy Comfortable
$25.09 US $27.88
Save $2.79
Item: 10390
  • Baby Pink
  • Black
  • Mauve
Save On A 3 Pack Of Cotton Ankle Socks For Women
$12.07 US
Item: 19040
  • Black
Diabetic Socks  - Stretchy Wide Diabetic Ankle Socks Simcan For Women & Men
From $8.35 US
Item: 19070
  • Black
  • White

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Shoes & Slippers with VELCRO® straps brand closures for the Elderly & Seniors
Shoes with VELCRO® brand closures for the Elderly with Problem Feet

Help Mom and Dad put on and take off their shoes and slippers easily with stylish shoes and comfortable slippers with VELCRO® straps brand closures from Silvert's.

Footwear solutions such as shoes and slippers with VELCRO® can help alleviate common foot problems with age like swelling by adjusting to foot widths and various foot conditions.

It’s important to wear shoes and slippers at all time to accommodate for stability, comfort and shock absorption. Silvert’s shoes and slippers offer different types of shoes for wide feet or edema shoes. Certain shoes come with a removable insole if you require orthotic insoles. Our shoes and slippers accommodate not only for wide feet, but extra depth is given for swelling on the top of the foot.

Q. Why Does My Mom or Dad need elderly shoes or elderly slippers?

A. Silvert's Shoes with VELCRO® strap brand closures can help make your feet feel better. Shoes designed for elderly needs have non-slip or non-skid soles to help prevent accidental falls and injuries. Silvert's special slippers and shoes for the elderly help with swelling and wide width feet by adjusting to your feet depending on the time of day. These shoes with VELCRO® brand closures can help with non-weight bearing and swollen feet, ankle support or that one swollen foot. Most of our footwear uses VELCRO® strap brand closures to accommodate your changing needs. For more information on Shoes for Elderly Men and Women / Shoes for Seniors…

Wide fit slippers for elderly are Silvert's specialty. Swelling, hammertoes, corns, bunonions, rheumatoid arthritis,and gout are just a few foot problems that require adjustable wide fitting slippers.

Q. Why Specialty Socks for the Elderly?

A. As we age foot issues arise from the general wear and tear on our feet. Various medical conditions such as: Diabetes, heart conditions, arthritis and a multitude of other medical conditions. Such conditions may cause swelling and edema. Larger non constrictive socks are often the solution for swelling and edema.

Often ill fitting shoes over the years may have been the cause of bunions, hammer toes, calluses and corns. Socks that are generous in fit help alleviate and cushion the discomfort caused by hammertoes, calluses, bunions and corns.

Lowered mobility and fall prevention is important to seniors and the elderly. Non Slip and slip resistant socks with rubber grips on the bottom are an excellent addition to many elderly seniors footwear.

Socks for bunions, edema, hammertoes, swelling for the Elderly & Seniors

Non Skid Resistant Socks with Treads that Help Assist in Fall Prevention

Foot Pain Footwear Solutions

Those who experience general foot pain and discomfort can browse Silvert's extensive catalog of foot care products. Our specially designed footwear can alleviate the pain caused by most any common foot problem. Enjoy the comfort provided by our or our extra deep, extra wide slippers for men. Browse our foot care solutions below targeted to specific areas of problem feet.

Heel Pain Footwear Solutions

Heel pain, often caused by plantar fasciitis, is accompanied by heel spurs focused on the underside of the foot. Pain on the back of the heel, associated with Achilles tendinitis, is equally challenging and both interfere with normal activities like exercise. Wearing cushioned indoor house slippers including our or the wide fit comfort slipper can help lighten the impact on each step taken.

Top of Foot Pain Shoe & Slipper Solutions

When pain is located at the top of the foot, it impacts mobility making it difficult to walk or even stand. Causes of this type of pain include aging, improper footwear, sprains or strains (often of the metatarsal), and diseases including diabetes and arthritis. VELCRO® shoes and slippers close gently on the top of the foot avoiding unnecessary pressure and strain to tender areas. They are also easy to adjust in order to accommodate swelling.

Ball of Foot Pain Footwear Solutions for Elderly Seniors

Pain in the ball of the foot is common in the elderly as the fatty tissue on the bottom of the foot wears out/ thins out with age. Proper fitting, higher quality footwear becomes especially important when these problems arise. To avoid undo strain, try our indoor/outdoor comfort sandals or our with added support in the arch.

Common Foot Problems with Diabetes and Footwear Solutions

The most common foot problem associated with diabetics is neuropathy. This condition causes weakness, numbness and pain. Complications can arise when minor cuts and sores are not noticed and areas become infected – sometimes resulting in amputation. At Silvert's, we stress the importance of proper fitting footwear for people who suffer from diabetes. Our specialty shoes and slippers are seamless in order to protect the foot from possible cuts or scratches.

Check out our full catalogue of solutions for swollen, diabetic, and sensitive foot problems. With prices starting at only a few bucks, we might just have the answer for you.

Example videos to better understand Silvert's products

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We are Foot Problems & Solutions Suppliers, and continue to carry a large range of fashionable, easy-to-wear clothing for elderly care and a wide variety of adaptive needs.

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Silverts, the original adaptive clothing supplier, has been pleased to make dressing easier for disabled adults, seniors and the elderly by offering the largest selection of quality affordable adaptive clothing and adaptive footwear for over 89 years.

A large percentage of our customers are caregivers who purchase adaptive clothing, elderly clothing and/or elderly footwear for their loved ones. Silvert's understands the difficulty of purchasing on others behalf and the caregiver's need for a full return and exchange policy.

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