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Elastic Waist Pants with Pockets

  • Quality Affordable Elastic Waistband Pants
  • Terriffic for mature figures & seniors
  • Regular, Petite & Full Figure Plus Size Pants

Elastic Waist Pants for Senior Women and Men

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Women's Pull On Pants Elastic Jeans - Elastic Waist Pull On Jean Pants For Women With 2 Pockets - Clothing For Mature Women
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$17.65 US $39.97
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Item: 13030
  • Blue Denim
Adaptive Open Side Fleece Pants For Arthritis - Easy Touch Closures Elastic Waist Pants
From $41.83 US
Item: 24000
  • Blue
  • Grey
  • Navy
  • Royal
  • Black
  • Red

Mens Quality Tracksuits / Sweatsuit - Easy Access Zipper Top - Mens Plus Size Fits Up To 5 Xl
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$9.28 US $55.78
Save $46.50
Item: 50550
  • Gray
Super Soft Terry Tracksuit / Sweat Suits Sets For Women
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$9.28 US $74.38
Save $65.10
Item: 14180
  • Lavender/plum

Womens Adaptive Cotton Capri Pants - Wheelchair Capri Pants
From $37.18 US $42.76
Save $5.58
Item: 23430
  • Berry
  • Magenta
  • Peacock
  • Purple
  • Sky Blue
  • Cadet Blue
  • Navy

Womens Adaptive Arthritis Pants - Easy Access Elastic Waist Pants
From $41.83 US
Item: 23050

Wheelchair Pants Slacks For Women - Wheelchair Pant Open Back Adaptive Clothes
From $41.83 US
Item: 23080
  • Black
  • Chambray
  • Cobalt
  • Cool Blue
  • Foggy Grey
  • Fresh Pink
  • Navy
  • Purple Haze
  • Burgundy
  • Taupe
Womens Soft Knit Adaptive Wheelchair Users Pant - Disabled Clothes - Wheelchair Pants
From $43.69 US
Item: 23110
  • Black
  • Charcoal
  • Navy
  • Taupe
Soft Knit Arthritis Pants With Easy Access Side Openings - Nursing Home Clothing
From $43.69 US
Item: 23120
  • Black
  • Charcoal
  • Taupe
  • Navy

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Elastic Waist Pant – Elastic Waist Pull on Pants with Pockets

Why Elastic Waist Pants?

Weight Fluctuation

An elastic pant waist for men and women allow for weight gain or loss without having to buy a new pair of pants every time. An elastic pant waistband offers the stretch and comfort that ordinary pant waistbands do not. Pull on cotton pants for men with elastic waists will always fit right and won’t irritate the skin.

Easy Pull on Arthritis Pants

Having trouble doing up a button due to lowered hand dexterity, Rheumatoid arthritis, Osteoarthritis arthritis, and Psoriatic Arthritis? Elastic waist pants for elderly men and women are the solution.

No more buttons to do up! Simply stretch the elastic waistband in men's or women's elastic pant waist for easy pull on dressing. In addition, elastic waist slacks are gathered and therefore roomier to accommodate easy dressing. The drawstring offers added fit and comfort. If pulling on a pant is too difficult try our women's side opening pants with VELCRO® brand closures or our men's side opening pants with VELCRO® brand closures.

Elastic Waist Pants for Women

Silvert's proudly offers an extensive selection of pants for women with elastic waists. Elastic waist jeans are a featured item due to their versatility, comfort and ease of wear. These easy pull on jeans for women are great for those with arthritis and other physical limitations or disabilities. Elastic waist dress pants for women are always popular too! Check out our other featured pants with elastic waists below:

Elastic Waist Pants for Men

Men's elastic waist pants will create ease in everyday dressing. No more struggling with buttons or belts. Men's elastic waist pants simply pull on, with a strong elastic to hold pants in place all day long. Shop to get your men's elastic waist pants today!

Adaptive Open Side Pants For Senior Men And Women

Adaptive open side pants are must-haves for people with arthritis or lowered dexterity. As an independent dresser, it is less of a struggle to handle fasteners specially designed for ease of use. It is also much easier to get in and out of a pair of bottoms when the fasteners are on the side, since the opening is much wider.

Silvert’s open side pants use VELCRO® or snap buttons to be done up. Whether independently or with assistance, senior or handicapped loved ones can easily get dressed or undressed. Open side trousers are also helpful for people with incontinence issues, as the waist is adjustable and the sizing is generous to accommodate adult diapers.

Adaptive Open Side Pants Features

Open side

Convenient dressing and undressing for independent and assisted dressers, this means to say at any level of dressing these pants are a great help.

Sturdy, secure, and hidden easy touch closures. Easy touch closures will last through many washes and remain sturdy with even the most stretch.

Generous overlap ensures full coverage, whether it be in the front or back, the generous flap allow the pants to be pulled up and down discreetly.

Elastic Waist

An elastic waist provides more comfort as this will increase the way that the waist moves. This is comfortable for seniors with a bit of a belly because it will give them the added room they need and will stretch the way their body stretches. Wheelchair users will also find the elastic waist will allow them to sit in a wheelchair comfortably.

Accommodates weight fluctuation and incontinence products with the added length in the lap area.

Quality fabrics

Variety of fabrics and colors, including polar fleece and cotton blends. Pick a stretchy knit or wear your Sunday best with a gabardine pant.

These pants can be put in a washing machine on a heavy cycle and still come out looking brand new. Dryer friendly, these pants are made to withstand even industrial washing machines, making them a fan favourite for nursing homes and other assisted living facilities.

Mindful silhouettes

Fasteners are hidden and remain flat against the body. Fits nicely and sits to allow a pocket on either side.

Fit is generous but tailored so the pant is not billowing or unflattering. Making sure to fit any swelling in the leg.

Drapes well, with just enough weight to fit comfortable while remaining aesthetically pleasing.

Elastic Waist Pants for Men

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