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Silverts Story A mission to create clothing for underserved communities

The Open Back Was BornThe Open Back Was Born

The open back was inspired by caregivers cutting open the backs of nightgowns to make dressing patients easier.

The Start of Adaptive ShoesThe Start of Adaptive Shoes

Through working with the aging community, Silverts discovered the need for easy-on shoes that comforted swollen feet.

A need for simplified independenceA need for simplified independence

Agap in the market remained for people who didn’t benefit from open back styles but struggled with tedious buttons and zips.

Present Day Continually EvolvingPresent Day Continually Evolving

Silverts listens to customer feedback to continue to improve the product offering.

How Adaptive Has Helped Our Customers

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Assisted Dressing
Assisted Dressing
People who need help getting dressed
Self Dressing
Self Dressing
People who get dressed by themselves

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Clothing for People with Disabilities

If you are looking for clothing for people with disabilities or adaptive clothing for adults with disabilities, Silverts is the place! Silverts offers adaptive designs in sizes and styles for both men and women with physical disabilities, seniors and wheelchair users. Available in a wide range of styles, cuts, patterns and colors, Silverts’ clothing designs can be mixed and matched to create the perfect ensemble that suits their personality and makes them feel fashionable. 

Adaptive Clothing Features

Our adaptive clothing for people with disabilities is designed with features that make assisted dressing easier and dignified for both seniors, elderly and caregivers. In our collection, you will find accessible clothing features such as a hook and loop closure, a snappable open back and magnetic buttons and zippers that offer easy access. We even offer adaptive footwear like socks with slip-resistant, non-skid grips on the soles and wide adjustable slippers with Velcro straps. 

Shop All Silverts’ Accessible Clothes

Shop all of Silverts’ adaptive clothing for disabled seniors and adults, including disabled clothing and footwear. Whether it’s for elderly parents in nursing facilities with caregivers or in a home care setting, Silverts carries a wide range of adaptive clothing for people with disabilities. Be sure to explore our entire collection of adaptive clothing or shop by need. 

From incontinence clothing for adults to muscular dystrophy clothing, Silverts is here to help make loved ones feel independent and make caregivers’ lives easier, too. Shop Silverts today for all your adaptive clothing needs and accessories for disabled seniors and adults.