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Silvert’s provide a wide variety of diabetic clothing and accessories, one being diabetic socks. There are many different types of socks for diabetic feet available on the market from extra wide socks for diabetics to graduated compression socks. Most of the socks that Silvert’s provide are seamless socks to allow proper blood flow and prevent any irritation to the sensitive foot. Since the socks limit the amount of rub against the skin it prevents the chance of foot ulcers and sores developing and ultimately turning into something more serious. Wearing diabetic socks doesn’t have to look any different than regular socks, but in order to improve circulation they are necessary in every day dressing to keep healthy feet. There is no shortage of options with a wide range of diabetic socks for men and diabetic socks for women.

Many people question what do diabetic socks do, but with the comfortable, breathable material that socks for diabetic feet are made from it helps keep sensitive feet dry and minimises foot injuries which may occur from non-stretchy socks with seams.

Diabetes can have an impact on the feet in several ways, diabetic neuropathy occurs in a large amount of people with diabetes. Diabetic neuropathy affects the nerves in your legs and feet and results in the loss of feeling in them, meaning if you have a cut/sore on the foot or even feel if they are too hot or cold you may not even be aware which can cause serious complications and lasting infections. Luckily there are a range of diabetic neuropathy socks available. People who suffer from peripheral vascular disease would greatly benefit from using diabetic socks, the disease slows down your blood flow meaning it takes much longer for ulcers, sores or blisters on the foot to heal or sometimes do not heal, this could lead to developing severe ulcers or gangrene. The diabetic socks help with proper blood circulation, more so than ordinary socks, which is important in keeping your feet warm and regulated and preventing further serious damage which may be caused by socks with seams or that do not stretch.

Wearing diabetic socks is a vital step in ensuring healthy feet and relieving unnecessary pressure, there are also a few things you can do to take care of diabetic feet:

  • Remain as active as possible, exercising is a vital way to maintain a healthy blood flow to the feet and legs. With the wide range of diabetic socks available it makes keeping active easier on the foot and prevents blisters from being formed which can occur when exercising. Silvert’s offer a wide range of diabetic clothing and accessories to enable easier exercise such as; walking shoes or running shoes
  • Diabetic insoles, wearing diabetic insoles in addition to diabetic socks offers adequate arch support, shock absorption for the neuropathic foot and thick protective cushioning. Using diabetic insoles among other diabetic footwear offers maximum comfort and support but prevent ulcerations and more serious injury to the foot
  • Do not have your feet exposed to extreme temperatures, this means wearing diabetic socks in the winter to regulate the temperature of your feet and keep them warm and not walking barefoot on the pavement or hot sand
  • Examine your feet, regularly inspecting your feet for anything new such as; blisters, red marks, ulcers or sores is a key way to ensuring diabetic feet stay healthy and preventing any issue developing into something more serious. Establishing a daily routine like examining the feet before or after you take off your diabetic socks each day is a great way in always remembering to check

Many people who need diabetic socks have very different requirements, socks for diabetic feet caters for all requirements and ensure people get the comfort and support they need. A common question is:

‘What socks are good for swollen ankles?’

Diabetic socks for men and diabetic socks for women are an excellent choice for swollen feet and swollen ankles. Socks for diabetes offer extra wide socks for diabetics and a non constrictive fit as opposed to many normal socks, therefore relieving any unnecessary pressure and reducing the blood flow in the foot. Diabetic socks are designed for different levels of swelling and can accommodate fluctuation in swelling. Often one foot or ankle may have more swelling and diabetic socks can compensate for this which is extremely beneficial. The diabetic socks offer extra padding around certain elements of the feet which can often help relieve strain and pressure on parts of the foot, this can lead to the reduction of swelling and prevent further injury to any sensitive point of the foot.

It is pivotal to keep diabetic feet moisture free at all costs, the best diabetic socks support this and ensure a breeding ground for fungal infections and bacteria is not formed around the feet which many normal socks many induce. When fungal infections are present in diabetic feet they can often go unnoticed until it is serious or may be very hard to reverse once established, wearing diabetic clothing to avoid this situation is strongly advised. Many specialists advise wearing white diabetic socks or white soled socks for diabetic feet as it is much easier to be alerted to any new signs of infection in the foot. Silvert’s has a wide range of socks for diabetic feet and can meet the requirements of any diabetic, many socks come in a variety of different colours and may be used for different forms of active wear, formal wear or use which a normal sock would offer.

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