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Disabled Adaptive Clothing for Women & Men
Senior Clothing / Elderly Clothing, Shoes & Slippers

Disabled Clothing for Home Health Care & Nursing Home Residents

Clothing Solutions for Elderly Seniors and People with Disabilities

Example of products for Adaptive clothing solutions for Elderly Seniors and People with Disabilities.

Womens Hospital Gowns For Sale - Pretty Soft Cotton Adaptive Designer Hospital Gown
From $32.53
Item: #26000

Product Features of Silvert’s Adaptive Open Back Nightgowns :

  • Reduces Exposure - Safer Open Back Dressing Solutions
  • Quick Struggle-Free Dressing - Reduces Dressing Time
  • Easy Access Dressing – Terrific for Lowered Upper Arm Mobility
  • Easy Closure – Secured with Snaps at Shoulders
  • No Pressure Points – Strategically Placed Shoulder Snaps Eliminate Pressure Points
  • Complete Dignity – Full Back Overlap
  • Quality Machine Wash & Dry – Wrinkle resistant 65% Polyester-35% Cotton

Terrific for Assisted Dressing.

Hospital Socks Non Skid Resistant / Anti Slip Grip Socks - 6 Pack Price - Mens Non Slip Grip Socks - Skid Socks - Regular Size & Xl Bariatric - Hospital Socks
From $27.88
Item: #19150
Ideal for hospitals, nursing homes, and assisted care facilities to prevent injuries related to falling. Comfortable, soft and long-lasting cozy socks that will provide warmth throughout the year.
Winter Wheelchair Cape Mens & Womens - Wheelchair Winter Poncho Lined Cape
Item: #27000

Product Features of this Silvert’s Adaptive Wheelchair Cape:

  • Easy Access Dressing – Front Zipper to Waist for Easy Access
  • Attached Hood – Has an Attached Cozy Hoodie to Keep Your Head Warm at All Times
  • Winter-Warmth & Comfort – Designed to Keep You Warm Without Feeling Heavy during the cold Weather
  • Wheelchair Fit – Shorter Back Stays Clear of the Wheelchair Wheels
  • Quality Machine Washable – Polyester

Terrific for Self Dressing.

Magnetic Buttons Mens Shirt - Arthritis & Parkinson's Mens Magnetic Closing Shirts With Shirt Magnet Buttons
Item: #40000

Product Features of Silvert’s Magnetic Shirt :

  • Easy Access Dressing – Terrific for Lowered Hand Dexterity
  • Easy Closure – Secured with Hidden Magnets
  • Quality Material – Breathable and Wrinkle-Resistant Cotton

Terrific for Self Dressing.

Magnetic Closing Shirt - Womens Magnetic Shirt - Great For Arthritis & Parkinson's
Item: #46020

Product Features of Silvert’s Magnetic Shirt :

  • Easy Access Dressing – Terrific for Lowered Hand Dexterity
  • Easy Closure – Secured with Hidden Magnets
  • Quality Material – Breathable and Wrinkle-Resistant 80% Polyester - 20% Modal

Terrific for Self Dressing.

Adaptive Jean Pants For Women - Open Side Super Soft Stretch Denim Pants
$12.07 $46.48
Save $34.41
Item: #24090

Product Features of Silvert’s Adaptive Open Side Pants :

  • Easy Access Dressing – Terrific for Lowered Hand Dexterity
  • Front Fold-Down Panel – Allows for Easy Slip-On Comfort
  • Easy Closure – Secured with Adjustable Easy Touch Closures
  • Elastic Waist – Stretchy for Enhanced Comfort
  • Convenient Side Pockets – Handy Flap Pocket on Each Side
  • Quality Machine Washable – Polyeste-Cotton

Terrific for Self Dressing.

Wheelchair Blanket Cover For Women & Men - Wheel Chair Cover
$32.53 $37.18
Save $4.65
Item: #30210

Product Features of this Silvert’s Wheelchair Blanket :

  • Secure Attached – Dome on Each Side of the Blanket that Snaps on to the Wheelchair Handles
  • Convenient Pocket – 1 Large Handy Patched Pocket
  • Winter-Warmth & Comfort – Designed to Keep You Warm Without Feeling Heavy during the cold Weather
  • Discrete – Great Coverage for Skirts and Dresses that May Ride Up
  • Reversible – Reverse Lining that can be Worn as Either Color for Complete Versatility
  • Length - 34 inches
  • Width - 26 inches
  • Quality Machine Wash & Dry – 100% Polyester
Wheelchair Jeans  For Men - Quality Denim For Wheelchair & Comfort
Item: #41050

Product Features of Silvert’s Adaptive Pants :

  • Extra High Back Waist - Full Balloon Seat Offers Seated Comfort
  • Side Elastic Inserts
  • Soft Stretch Denim - Stretchy for Enhanced Comfort
  • Inseam - 33 Inches
  • Quality Machine Washable – 100% Cotton

Terrific for Assisted Dressing.

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A common misconception of adaptive clothing is that it is only for wheelchair users or people that suffer from severe disabilities. Silvert's has a full line of elderly clothing apparel that is designed for anyone who may find themselves limited by traditional clothing. Whether you or a loved one experiences a restricted range of motion or suffers from more debilitating limitations, our clothing and apparel can benefit you.

Silvert's has an extensive selection of clothing solutions for women and men. Regardless of age or disability, adaptive and non-adaptive designs are available in our catalog of shoes, socks, slippers pants, shirts, dresses and tops. Providing dignified and simple solutions for independent and assisted dressing is what we strive to achieve.

Highlighted features of Silvert's adaptive clothing solutions include:

  • Adjusts to fit comfortably and respond to fluctuations in your body from day to day
  • Easy Touch closures aid with independent dressing and help keep assisted dressing dignified
  • Soft, gentle, breathable materials that won't irritate the skin
  • Durable fabrics that can withstand the rigors of industrial washing machines
  • Discrete yet stylish designs — No one will know your clothing is adaptive

Silvert's adaptive apparel offers fantastic senior clothing solutions for senior residents at assisted living facilities and nursing homes. Our clothing features VELCRO® brand fasteners in place of zippers and buttons to make dressing as trouble-free and comfortable as possible. Most of our items are available in plus size options for elderly bariatric patients.

Hospital and long-term care patients who suffer from paralysis, Multiple Sclerosis, ALS, or Alzheimer's can find added comfort from Silvert's adaptive pants, shirts and nightgowns. Our patient clothing is great for those have lowered mobility and physical limitations. Open Back nightgowns () are suitable for daytime wear and provide discretion and comfort, especially when compared to traditional hospital gowns. Hospital socks (Unisex Hospital Socks) featuring slip-resistant treads offer warmth and safety for extended stays in hospitals, nursing homes and retirement homes and even post surgery.

Caregivers and patients in long-term care who rely on assisted dressing will love our adaptive apparel. Silvert's clothing designs are a result of close consultation with care providers and nursing staff. Solutions for paralysis, arthritis, incontinence, and patients who have suffered a stroke are all built to ease dressing and to minimize pain and discomfort. Wheelchair and seated dressing has never been easier thanks to our adaptive designs. Open Back Fleece Pants ensure simple dress and undress while the individual remains in a seated position. with back snaps makes dressing more comfortable for both the care provider and the person being dressed.

Silvert's offers a complete footwear catalog for whatever your podiatry need. Adaptive indoor outdoor slippers, socks and shoes are ideal to fit swollen feet safely no matter how significant the swelling. Foot problems related to edema are easily accommodated by adaptive slippers. They (Extra Wide Diabetic Slippers for Women, Extra Wide Diabetic Slippers for Men) are easy to slip on to the foot, mold to your feet for added comfort, and easily close to fit securely. Proper fitting footwear is even more important outside of the home. Quality made Propet shoes (Wide Fit Propet Shoes) feature a wide fit and shock-absorbing cushioned soles.

Proper fitting footwear is of critical importance to diabetes sufferers. Silvert's specially designed diabetic footwear features extra width and depth in the forefoot and toe area to alleviate pressure in key areas of the foot. accommodate swollen feet and ankles. They are the most stretchable women's and men's wide fit diabetic sock ever offered! They are non binding and non constrictive offering added comfort for the foot. For outerwear, our orthopedic footwear collection was crafted with diabetes-related foot problems in mind.

Browse our Complete Catalog of adaptive and non adaptive clothing solutions or shop by need:

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