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Silverts’ Incontinence Clothing for Adults

Looking for incontinence products and clothing for incontinence patients? Silverts offers a huge selection of incontinence clothing in adult sizes with fashionable and trendy looks they’re sure to love. Discover a variety of pants and trousers for both women and men that make bathroom breaks easy and leakage issues embarrassment-free.

Incontinence Clothing Features

Silverts’ incontinence clothing line is designed with handy features and thoughtful touches that are made for seniors and wheelchair users. 


Open backs on each of our pants allow for incontinence patients and caregivers to dress from a seated position. With two, generously overlapping back panels, our open-back pants also offer complete dignity. Pull up pants and a comfortable, stretchable elastic waist make it easy for incontinence patients to use the restroom when they need, maintaining their independence. Each pair of pants can also be easily closed and secured with adjustable straps. 


All Silverts’ incontinence clothing for seniors is made of high-quality and machine-washable materials that make cleaning a breeze. We offer several incontinence products and accessories, too. Take a look at our reusable chair and wheelchair protector, featuring a waterproof layer that makes cleanups easy. 

Shop All Silverts’ Adaptive Clothing

Explore all Silverts’ adaptive clothing today! We carry a wide range of incontinence products and more designed fashionably and with convenient adaptive features like magnetic buttons and zippers, pull-up straps and elastic waistbands that make dressing with dignity easier for seniors, nurses and caregivers. Shop our huge collection of adaptive clothing to find the perfect solution or shop by need.