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Hospital Gowns

Looking for hospital gowns for home care? Silverts offers high quality hospital gowns for both men and women that will keep you comfortable while recovering from surgery at home. Forget what you’ve experienced with rough, undignified hospital gowns at the doctor’s office. Ours are completely different.

Most hospital gowns lack dignity because they do not completely close in the back, leaving the patient exposed. That’s why our Silverts back snap closure nightwear has been redesigned with overlapping backs to ensure full coverage. While it’s equally easy to put on, you never have to worry about your gown accidentally falling open. The loose silhouette ensures good breathability to regulate your temperature and keep you from overheating.

Our hospital gowns are also made of high quality fabrics that are soft against your skin, so it won’t chafe against your stitches or bandages. Our design also does away with the annoying ties and rough knots that most hospital gowns entail. By replacing them with snap closures, we’ve made it easier to get dressed and undressed and made the gown more comfortable to wear in the meantime.

If you’re a caregiver looking for hospital gowns for sale, you’ll find a wide variety on the Silverts website. We offer both men’s and women’s hospital gowns in a wide array of attractive colors and patterns to suit all tastes — and some even include pockets. Your loved one won’t feel like they’re wearing a hospital gown, but rather very comfortable lounge clothes instead! Don’t forget to shop the rest of our home care garments as well to assemble the perfect wardrobe.