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Adjustable Edema Shoes and Clothing

Edema is a condition that causes excessive fluid that leads to chronic swelling of the arms, feet, hands, ankles and legs. A common side effect of diabetes, kidney disease, liver disease, pregnancy and certain medications, this swelling can cause discomfort and pain, especially if you don’t have garments to accommodate its fluctuations. Silverts offers a vast assortment of high-quality edema clothing and footwear options, all of which are uniquely designed to suit you regardless of the degree of your edema on any given day.

The legs and feet are two of the most common places where edema can occur, which is why it’s so important to keep a few pairs of edema slippers, shoes and socks on hand. Our extra wide adjustable footwear options for men and women are perfect for varying degrees of swelling because they have great features such as adjustable hook and loop fasteners that you can adjust as needed. They also offer simple slip-on designs for quick dressing, slip-resistant soles to prevent accidents and even antimicrobial fabrics and fluid barriers to prevent spills and odors. Give your swollen feet a break with comfortable edema socks that stretch without drooping or sagging.

Tops, Dresses and Pants for Edema

In addition to shoes for swollen feet and legs, we also have a huge assortment of edema clothing options in our selection perfect for you or a loved one. Stretchy pants, dresses, tops, nightshirts, leg warmers and more are designed to offer breathable, restriction-free wear to accommodate extra fluid in the body. In addition to their flexibility, these garments are designed for adaptability to simplify and speed up dressing. This is especially beneficial when you’re struggling with swelling in the hands and fingers, which can lead to limited dexterity.