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Flannel Nightgowns

Silverts’ flannel nightgowns for the elderly offer exceptionally warm and easy access dressing with dignity and discretion. Select from our collection of flannel nightgowns for seniors who live in nursing homes, long-term care facilities and even home care settings and require adaptive clothing with features like open backs and easy-to-manage closures.    

Flannel Nightgown Styles

Silverts’ flannel nightgowns come in both men’s and women’s sizes and cuts. Choose from several flannel nightgown styles and colors, along with fashionable yet timeless prints and patterns. Even better is the soft and comfortable, cotton flannel and flannelette fabrics they’re made from, perfect for loved ones with sensitive skin. Some of our warm, flannel nightgowns even come with convenient side pockets, allowing your loved one to keep medicine and more close at hand. 

Silverts’ flannel nightgowns also come as an open back nightshirt, also known as a Johnny shirt, offering more movement to dress and sleep easier. With an open back hospital gown or nightshirt, featuring details like a full back overlap and dome closures for full back coverage, your elderly and disabled loved ones can dress themselves and feel more independent. Plus, they can choose from a number of colors and plaid patterns to show a little personality. 

Find the perfect flannel nightgowns for seniors and the elderly at Silverts! Looking for a different style of hospital gown or more stylish men’s flannel pajamas or snap on clothing? Shop by need and explore all of our adaptive clothing for supreme comfort and self-sufficiency.