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Adult Bibs

Bibs aren’t just for babies. They can help keep elderly and disabled adults comfortable and dry during mealtimes as well. If you or a loved one tends to make a mess while eating, then consider getting some washable bibs for adults. At Silverts, we offer a range of adult bibs at affordable price points to help make mealtime cleanup a breeze.

Our bibs feature different types of closures — including snaps, hook and eyes and ties —that make them easy to put on and take off, either by yourself or with assistance. Our extra long designs cover the wearer’s lap, acting as a complete clothing protector. After all, it does you no good if food glances off the bib and falls right into their lap.

Our bibs for handicapped adults also come in several different types of materials to suit different needs. We offer highly absorbent terry cloth bibs that will soak up any liquids that fall on them. We also carry lightweight, single layer nylon bibs that are easy to wipe down and reuse. We also offer heavy-duty, double-layered adult bibs with a waterproof backing made of vinyl, which helps to keep spills on the bib and off your adaptive clothes.

All of our adult bibs are made of high quality, machine washable material that can stand up to industrial washers. There are no special laundering requirements — simply throw them into the machine and go.

Protect your clothing and save your mealtimes with washable bibs for adults from Silverts. Order more than $20 of adult bibs and get free shipping on your U.S. order!