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Slippers for Elderly, Disabled or Diabetic

Slippers that are extra wide are recommended for men with extreme swelling in both the feet and ankles. Adaptive house shoes or slippers accommodate not only general swelling, but a number of foot problems. For hammertoes, corns and bunions, this shoe has generous openings. This gives added room to take away the pain and struggle of getting the slipper on. A comfortable material with added padding makes this slipper great for men with diabetes, edema or any foot problems that could cause swelling of the foot. As for any problems with sore spots on the foot, this slipper has great adjustability so that there never has to be too much pressure on any part of the foot.

Adaptive slippers for men and women are great for the bedroom as house slippers. They have memory foam that provides cushioned comfort.

Easy Touch:

These slippers are made with Velcro® brand fastener closures to provide even more adjustment to width and depth. This is why Silverts orthopedic shoes give lots of room for adjustment and extra fabric to allow expanding the slipper if needed.

The easy touch closures allow for incredible adjustability. However, these closures also are helpful for lowered hand dexterity. As we age, it becomes harder and harder to perform tasks such as doing up buttons and tying laces. Adaptive footwear makes daily tasks of wearing the shoe or slipper much easier.

Memory Foam Cushioning:

Silverts adaptive slippers have added memory foam cushioning for maximum comfort. When you are at home, you want comfortable footwear. Silverts extra wide adaptive footwear gives that cushioning to your foot. A thicker sole will help absorb some of the shock you get from taking a step.

Having the right adaptive footwear for seniors also helps reduce the risk of getting sores on the tops of your feet. Proper cushioning in a shoe or slipper also helps reduce the risk of pressure points anywhere on the foot, making them great for foot edema and diabetes. They can prevent foot pain and help people walk more easily.


These extra wide slippers for men have slip resistant soles, the perfect slipper for a hospital or nursing home patient. Long-term care facilities and hospitals often have similar floors, linoleum, which is great because it is easy to clean up any messes and it doesn’t stain. However, that increases the risk of slips and falls. Silverts non-slip slippers help reduce that risk. The grip on the soles of the slippers also help gain more traction in order to properly propel yourself forward.

Extra Wide Shoes:

If you love Silverts adaptive slippers and you need the same comfort for outdoors, try our extra wide shoes. Adaptive footwear is made with neoprene material which is both comfortable and better against weather conditions. This shoe has very similar features to the slippers and comes in an extra wide width, which is great for swollen feet.

If you are looking for men’s wide house slippers, Silverts is the place for you. With multiple color options and sizing from a men’s seven to fourteen foot, there is a slipper for everyone. This slipper is the perfect indoors or outdoors. With proper grip and a thick sole, this slipper can be worn for short outings. This makes the slipper perfect for trips to the doctor’s appointment, or visiting family and loved ones. With affordable pricing, Silverts non-slip extra wide slipper is the perfect solution for comfortable footwear.