Shoes for Wide Feet

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Comfortable Footwear for Wide Feet

If you’re one of the millions of people out there with a wider foot, you know that finding shoes — and comfortable ones at that — can be a challenge. Luckily, Silverts has developed a line of practical slippers, socks and shoes for wide feet to help you walk and lounge in comfort. Our collection includes easy-closure slippers and breezy wide foot sandals, as well as adjustable sneakers for wide feet so you’re sure to find a pair to honor your lifestyle, preferences and specific footwear concerns.

Wide Shoes for Diabetes and More

Wearing ill-fitting shoes can lead to a host of unpleasant side effects, including chronic foot pain, corns, calluses and even foot deformities. This is a concern for anyone with wider feet as well as those who suffer from edema caused by diabetes, pregnancy, lung diseases and more. In these cases, you never know how much your feet may swell, so having a pair of adjustable slippers and shoes in your closet can help accommodate daily changes and allow you to wear them all day.

Our extra wide walking shoes and socks have a wide toe box and easy-dressing and adjustable closures with hook and loop fasteners for the best level of customization and comfort. Those with chronic swelling and edema will also appreciate some of our wide shoes with fluid barrier protection to help protect against smells and spills. Many of our wide footwear options also have slip-resistant soles, wide removable insoles and more fantastic features to keep you feeling your best.

Foot Wraps and Socks for Wide Feet

In addition to some of the best wide sneakers, shoes and sandals, Silverts also has a wonderful assortment of wide socks that stretch to accommodate fluctuations caused by swelling. Explore our top-rated diabetes socks with great features such as non-constrictive fits, expandable legs and special knits that resist sagging and drooping, even when stretched out. Be sure to shop our complete variety of wide footwear essentials to keep yourself or a loved one comfortable at all times.