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Women's Open Back Elastic Waist Pant

Assisted Dressing People who need help getting dressed
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Product Features of Silverts Adaptive Open Back Pants :

  • Fluid Barrier *NEW * — Great for Incontinence and Protects from Spills & Smells
  • Reduces Exposure — Safer Open Back Dressing Solutions
  • Quick Struggle-Free Dressing — Reduces Dressing Time
  • Easy Access Dressing — Dressing from a Seated Position
  • Complete Dignity — 2 Overlapping Back Panels
  • Easy Closure — Secured with Adjustable Snaps
  • Elastic Waist — Stretchy for Enhanced Comfort
  • Convenient Side Pockets — Handy Seam Pocket on Each Side
  • Soft & Comfortable — Great for Sensitive Skin and Ultimate Comfort
  • Inseam — 31 inches
  • Quality Machine Wash & Dry — Wrinkle Resistant 74% Polyester - 24% Rayon - 2% Spandex

Women's Open Back Elastic Waist Pant with Antimicrobial fabric technology* ideal adaptive garment for individual that remains in a seated position with complete dignity. It also features two overlapping back panels with easy snap closure. These terrific adaptive clothing wheelchair pants/slacks for women are perfect for those with lowered mobility/wheelchair user dependency and/or incontinence. This easy access adaptive apparel pant for women design allows for quick and easy changes for those with incontinence issues.

Washing instructions:

Machine wash & tumble dry. Quality machine washable 74% Polyester - 24% Rayon - 2% Spandex and wrinkle resistant.

How do you put these wheelchair Clothing pants/slacks on?

  1. The individual remains in a seated position.
  2. The individuals legs are inserted into the pant legs and drawn up to the upper thigh.
  3. The caregiver simply snaps the generous overlap into place. The disabled adult being dressed is left completely covered without ever having to stand.
  4. Assisted disrobing is just as easy.

These adaptive handicap pants/slacks are terrific for elderly/seniors/adults who are disabled or wheelchair dependent. What a great idea! This handicapped item by Silvert is usually offered in a full figure plus size range. A great gift for disabled adults, home care, nursing homes, and care home settings. This comfy open back pant is also ideal for those in skilled nursing facilities and long term care facilities.

*Garments featuring antimicrobial with fabric technology* do not protect users or others against bacteria, viruses or disease organisms. Always follow all best practices for infection prevention.

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Gender Women
Needs Adaptive, ALS, Alzheimer's, Arthritis, Assisted Dressing, Assisted Living, Bedridden Patient, Broken Leg, Cerebral Palsy, Diabetes Clothing, Disability Clothing, Disabled, Elderly, Handicap, Health Care, Hip Replacement, Home Care, Hospice, Leg Stiffness, Multiple Sclerosis, Nursing Home, Palliative Care, Paralysis, Patient Clothing, Seated Dressing, Senior, Stroke, Wheelchair, Delicate Skin, Arm Stiffness, Incontinent, Parkinson's, Scoliosis
Dressing Type Assisted Dressing