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Adaptive Bra Size Chart

Silverts' bra size chart lets you find the right fit and the best style! Many bras for older women are stretchy and wire-free for the ultimate comfort. As a result, they do not follow traditional cup and band sizing. The band size is also not adjustable, so most sizes are based on that, as you can see from our adaptive bra size chart below.

Keep in mind each of our bra styles vary slightly in sizing so it is best to review the product's specific size chart. This can be found on the product's page just above where you click to choose your size.

Size Bra Size Under Bust
S 34, 36 26 - 31
M 38, 40 32 - 35
L 42, 44 42 - 44
XL 46, 48 46 - 48
2XL 50, 52 50 - 52

All measurement are in inches

Letter sizes (S-2XL) vary by style

Bra Sizing - How to Measure

A Properly Fitted Bra

  1. A properly fitted senior bra will comfortably close on a center hook.
  2. The bra Underwire should never rest on breast tissue. Make sure the bra underwire and center rest firmly on chest.
  3. Manually adjust breasts in bra for best position and comfort. Bra should not be tight or wrinkled.
  4. Try to make sure your bra makes your breasts feel secure at all times.

Senior Bra Troubleshooting Problems

  1. Cup size should be reduced if cups are wrinkled.
  2. Cup size should be increased if breasts spill out of bra.
  3. If bra straps constantly fall down tighten straps, manually adjust breasts or reduce cup size.
  4. If straps are too tight loosen straps, manually adjust breasts, change to padded straps or increase cup size as necessary.
  5. If band rides up tighten the bra band, loosen straps, adjust breasts, go down band size or your bra may be worn out.
  6. A 32C, 34B & 36A are basically the same size; if a 34B is too large of a cup size try a 36A instead.

Caring for your Senior Bra

  1. Always wash your bra in cold water if possible. Heat will break down the elasticity in the bra.
  2. Hand wash or place in lingerie bag. Be as delicate as possible.
  3. Never bleach your bra. You may get the most detestable colors in the end.
  4. Hang dry; heat from a dryer will also break down the elasticity.