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Open Back Pants

Looking for adaptive open back pants? Explore Silverts’ open back pants for seniors, elderly and adult wheelchair users. Whether you need wheelchair pants with an open back or open back pants for seniors, Silverts carries a wide range of styles for all types of needs. Choose from track pants, sweatpants, capris, cargo shorts and more. Made of comfortable and machine-washable materials, these adaptive bottoms offer independence and dignity for loved ones and an assistive disrobing method for nurses and caretakers.

Wheelchair Pants with Open Backs

For wheelchair users, wheelchair pants with an open back are easy to maneuver to get dressed for the day. In a seated position, the wearer places each leg into the pant leg and snaps the generous overlap into place. This allows the loved one to remain seated and completely covered while still in the wheelchair.

Open Back Pants for Seniors

Silverts also carries open back pants for seniors, the elderly and loved ones with limited leg mobility. With an open back design, these adaptive garments are ideal for those who need to remain in a seated position while changing into pants. With features like easy snap closures and overlapping back panels, those who wear them can stay safely seated and have complete dignity in front of nursing staff, caretakers and loved ones performing home care.

Explore all of Silverts’ adaptive open back pants for seniors and wheelchair users. Need a different type of adaptive bottoms? Shop by need and take a look at our entire collection of adaptive pants.