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Womens / Mens Vinyl Protective Adult Bib - Adult Plastic Bibs - Clothing Protector
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Adult Bibs - Unisex Womens / Mens Adult Terry Cloth Adult Bib - Cloth Bib Clothing Protector - Accessory
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Gift Ideas For Someone In A Nursing Home

Our waterproof bibs for adults might make the perfect gift for someone in a nursing home, making for a great adult clothing protector, you can choose from bibs with a pattern or without a pattern. We take a look at other options also below!

Buying a new item of clothing for someone can make a great gift! Perhaps a new pair of trousers or a nice new shirt to wear for a trip out somewhere. Or maybe a pair of trousers with an elastic waist or side openings would be extremely helpful for elderly people who may have arthritis or dexterity in the hands making it very difficult to manage to fasten zips and buttons up. They may have limited mobility or joint problems that can make dressing a real challenge on bad days, therefore, adaptive clothing can be a huge help in making everyday dressing much easier and can help to eliminate or reduce pain. An open back top is a great idea, as it doesn’t require the need to put it over the head and can be put on simply with ease.

For people who are wheelchair users, wheelchair pants are fantastic! They are specially designed open back pants so that they can be put on whilst still sitting or lying down making daily dressing much simpler and quicker.

Other Great Gift Ideas For Someone In A Nursing Home...

Ladies who love to wear dresses can still enjoy wearing them with the specially designed open back that allows them to, again, be put on whilst sitting or lying down. Your mom or loved one can continue to wear a lovely dress and not have the worry of having to put it over their head or struggle with small buttons and fastenings.

Providing loved ones with adaptive clothing can help them immensely, not just physically but mentally too, as it gives them comfort and style together with a sense of independence and dignity in continuing to dress themselves as much as possible.

People who live in retirement homes and long term care must wear slip resistant footwear at all times to help prevent any slips and falls. Why not buy your loved one a pair of slip resistant slippers? In doing so, not only would you be buying them something they actually need but you are also helping to keep them safe. Having a pair of comfortable, well fitted slippers or indoor shoes is an ideal gift and with many styles and designs available there is always something you can buy with ease.

Take a look at the footwear they are wearing currently to observe if there are any holes or worn areas that shows they may need a better fit or style. Slip resistant socks are also an ideal gift as these can be worn whilst in bed and if your loved one needs to visit the bathroom during the night they will still have the slip resistant protection even if they don’t put on their slippers.

Blankets are also another great gift idea for your loved one! Choose their favourite colour or design that will brighten up their room and keep them warm and comfortable. For wheelchair users, there are blankets available that have snaps enabling them to be easily fitted to the arms of the wheelchair. Or perhaps a blanket designed like a cape that has a wide top opening and can be placed over the head instead of wrapping it around and is higher at the back to prevent it from getting stuck in the chair.

Silvert's Adaptive Clothing & Footwear is pleased to offer adult bibs for nursing homes, skilled nursing facilities & home care. What makes adult bibs so special? Our waterproof bibs for adults are longer and wider allowing for better coverage and a great adult clothing protector. Choose from bibs with a pattern or without a pattern. All of our waterproof bibs for adults are washable.

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