What is Adaptive Clothing?

Adaptive clothing is specially designed clothing to help make it easier for people who have difficulty dressing. Having clothing that has been adapted can make such a positive difference in a person’s life by giving them the independence to continue to dress themselves or enable carers to dress them with ease and comfort.

Who Does Adaptive Clothing Benefit?

So who can benefit from having adaptive clothing? Anybody who has difficulty in being able to dress with ease and comfort may find adaptive clothing useful indeed. It is ideal for people with disabilities, the elderly and infirm, wheelchair users, or people who live with a condition or illness that makes day to day dressing a struggle.

There are varying degrees of disabilities and many illnesses including:

  1. Arthritis
  2. Cerebral Palsy
  3. Cerebral Palsy
  4. Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
  5. Motor Neurone Disease (MND)
  6. Oedema
  7. Incontinence
  8. Alzheimer's Disease
  9. Parkinson's Disease
  10. Stroke
  11. Spinal Cord Injury (SCI)
  12. Brain Injury
  13. Muscular Dystrophy (MD)

One of the main difficulties in dressing is being able to fasten buttons or zips perhaps due to loss of fine motor skills and movement with hands and fingers so materials such as VELCRO®, easy access snaps and stretchy fabric are used in order to combat this. Adaptive clothing is typically designed with flat seams in order to reduce friction, and has discreet modifications to make the clothing appear as consistent with traditional fashion as possible. There is clothing available that has been designed to accommodate incontinence aids, or longer length in the back to accommodate people sitting in wheelchairs, and elastic waist for increased comfort and easier dressing.

There are so many designs available for the many difficulties people experience.

Take a look at Silverts Website which sells all types of adaptive clothing and accessories. You can browse the many items and products available, all specially designed with the aim of improving a person's life as much as possible.

Adaptive Clothing For Seniors

As people age and get older they often find that things they once did with ease have become a bit more difficult than it used to be. Things they once took for granted and did without giving a second thought may have become something they now have to take more time or may need assistance with. Dressing is one of these things. Dressing independently is something we would all like to be able to do ourselves with ease and go about our daily lives, however, this is more difficult for some more than others, especially for seniors. Therefore adaptive clothing for seniors is very much welcomed and needed in helping out in this essential day to day task. Silverts has a huge selection of adaptive clothing for elderly people, have a look at what’s available!

Mens Adaptive Clothing

There are many designs available in adaptive clothing for men. Let's start with trousers, the traditional style of mens trousers are designed to be stepped into involving bending of joints like the knees and back and arm movement to pull the trousers up. Not always easy, right ? Wouldn’t it be great if this way of dressing could be made a lot simpler! Here are a few examples of the different styles of trousers to help you out;

Mens trousers with zippers at the sides for arthritis,catheters and paralysis open at the back and sides with adjustable VELCRO® brand, these enable quick and easy access, ideal for people with incontinence issues or have arthritis. This style of trousers is available from Silverts .

Mens Arthritis easy access fleece pants with easy fasteners for comfort and convenience. These easy to pull on fleece track pants have side fastening These trousers are is ideal for arthritic hands and aids dressing for those who are wheelchair dependent. They are great for those in the home rehabilitation centers, skilled nursing facilities, long term care facilities and for home care settings.

Womens Adaptive Clothing

With fashion and comfort high at the top of a woman’s list when looking for clothing, finding the right item of clothing can be difficult. Looking for womens adaptive clothing has never been easier as it can be found online and can be chosen in the comfort of your own home, and ordered and delivered with ease. Perhaps your looking for a fashionable dress for a special occasion, or a practical day today blouse, whatever your looking for you will most certainly find something suitable with the range of fantastic adaptive for women available online.

Silverts have a range of comfortable, fashionable and practical adaptive clothing for women. Here you can find clothing, shoes, sleepwear, underwear and accessories.

Adaptive Clothing for Adults with Disabilities

Having a disability should not be an issue when it comes to clothing. Dressing has become a whole lot easier for adults with disabilities and their carers with the range of helpful and practical garments now out there to assist both yourself and or your carer, no matter what your disability is. Adaptive clothing is designed for many types of disabilities, it is also designed for people in hospital who may have had surgery recently and dressing has become painful, perhaps it is adaptive clothing for shoulder surgery where their movement has become restricted. Silverts website for a huge selection available here.

Adaptive Clothing for Adults with Special Needs

There are many adults who have special needs and who may need assistance to either help themselves or their carer when dressing. Anyone who has any kind of special needs can benefit from the adaptive clothing available that is designed to help them for whatever their need is. Clothing, footwear and accessories are all things and for someone living with special needs, finding a particular item to give assistance will no doubt make things that bit easier. Silverts have a range available for all kinds of special needs. You can browse their website here.

Adaptive Clothing for Wheelchair Users

Clothing for people who are wheelchair dependent can sometimes be limited in the regular clothing stores. Often in shops, there is not much choice and the design can be restrictive for wheelchair users. Therefore by being able to look online at adaptive clothing for wheelchair users and having the facility to order items and have them delivered to your home is a great option nowadays. Not only is there much more choice available but these items of clothing have been designed especially to enable dressing from a seated position and other difficulties wheelchair users may encounter. Silverts have many styles of adaptive clothing available for people who use a wheelchair .

Adaptive Footwear

Not only is adaptive clothing important for elderly people and people with disabilities but footwear is just as important. Comfort and safety are featured in specially designed footwear with easy fastenings to aid putting shoes on the feet. Anti-slip soles can help to keep vulnerable people safe, helping to avoid a slip or a fall which is always a concern for many relatives of elderly or disabled people. Anything that can help to keep a person comfortable and safe is a great thing so why not take a look at Silverts range of footwear for men and women.

Adaptive Accessories

Having a handy accessory to help you with your day to day life features in most people's lives. There are many people who may need a particular type of accessory that has been designed for the need itself and is a useful and essential item they rely on in able to live more comfortable than they would if they didn't have it. Just think of all the things we use each day that we don't even think about like bags and socks. These are just simple things but if they have been adapted slightly for a particular need it can make all the difference.

Browse online today, you may be amazed at what is actually available!

Adaptive clothing, footwear and accessories can make such a difference in the life of a person with a particular need, disability, illness or any person who requires a bit of extra help with things. In a world where things are constantly changing, adaptive clothing has become a lot more readily available with more and more ideas and designs being developed and marketed every day.

Silverts is a leading retailer of such products and has the latest and fashionable styles available for you to purchase. Take a look today and make a great addition to your wardrobe. You may realise that you have spent a lot of time getting ready and been in discomfort wearing a design of clothing that is no longer suitable. You may look on the website and think wow, that’s just the thing I’m looking for or that's exactly what I need. You may never have thought of some of the things you see and didn’t know they were even available. Take a look today and it could make a wonderful difference to your life or the life of someone you love!

For more information on specific adaptive and elderly needs, you may call or email silverts customer service through phone 1-800-738-7088 email customercare@silverts.com. Our customer service can be reached during regular business hours est 9-5 pm Monday to Friday. However, through email you can expect a response within 24 hours. Or you may consult any of the pages below from our ever-expanding adaptive clothing needs guide: