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Disabled Adaptive Clothing for Women & Men
Senior Clothing / Elderly Clothing, Shoes & Slippers

Disabled Clothing for Home Health Care & Nursing Home Residents

Adaptive Clothing Canada for Women and Men

Men's and Women's Adaptive Clothing Canada

Adaptive clothing in Canada is designed for anyone challenged by or who struggles with daily dressing. Silvert’s has added special features such as easy snaps, Easy Touch closures, VELCRO® Brand fasteners, zippers and magnetic closures to make dressing easier. Easy wear adaptive clothing products include a wide variety of womens and mens adaptive tops, pants, open back hospital gowns, wheelchair dresses and adaptive accessories.

What is adaptive clothing? Adaptive clothing definitions and examples

Silvert’s adaptive clothing Canada for disabled adults and seniors is pleased to offer fashionable easy wear adaptive clothing products and adaptive footwear:

  • Arthritis clothing & footwear
  • Parkinson’s
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Paralysis
  • Stroke
  • Nursing Home
  • Assisted living
  • Bedridden
  • Post surgery

Silvert’s Adaptive clothing Canada has provided quality service and quality clothing products to the following provinces for over 80 years:

Adaptive Clothing in Alberta Canada - AB

All cities in Alberta including:

City Example postal codes
Calgary T1Y 2Z5, T1Y 1B7, T1Y 2G2, T1Y 2C3, T1Y 2Z8
Red Deer T4N 1T9, T4N 0B6, T4N 0K5, T4N 0T8, T4N 1B9
Lethbridge T1J 4C9, T1H 0B7, T1H 0L4, T1H 0W1, T1H 1C1
Edmonton T5A 1E9, T5A 1R7, T5A 2G3, T5A 2J5, T5A 1K2
Fort McMurray T9H 5C7, T9H 0B7, T9H 1K6, T9H 1T4, T9H 2E9
Medicine Hat T1A 0C5, T1A 0B4, T1A 0K6, T1A 0T9, T1A 1C5

Adaptive Clothing in British Columbia Canada - BC

All cities in British Columbia including:

City Example postal codes
Vancouver V5K 0A2, V5K 1H5, V5K 2B5, V5K 1X4 V5K 1S2
North Vancouver V7M 2H5, V7J1C2, V7L 0B4, V7L 1L9, V7L 1S4
Victoria V8W 1P5, V8R 1B8, V8R 1S4, V8R 2J2, V8R2Y5
Kelowna V1P 1B3, V1P 1N9, V1V 1P2, V1V 1V9, V1V 1P4
Abbotsford V2S 0A1, V2S1J3, V2S 1M6, V2S 1V8, V2S 1Y2 ,
Nanaimo V9R 5B4, V9R 1B9, V9R 1N3, V9R 1X7, V9R 2A9
Kamloops V2C 3R4, V1S 0A2, V1S 1C9, V1S 1M6, V1S 1W9
Chilliwack V2P 8A4, V2P 0B4, V2P 1G6, V2P 1P5, V2P 1Y4
Prince George V2L 2J7, V2K 1E1, V2K 1M3, V2K 1S5, V2K 2C8

Adaptive Clothing in Nova Scotia Canada - NS

All cities in Nova Scotia including:

City Example postal codes
Halifax B2R 1C3, B2R 1H9, B2R 1M6, B2R 1X2, B2R 1Y7
Dartmouth B2Y 1H1, B2V 1A1, B2V 2M1, B2W 0M3, B2W 1L4
Sydney B1N 2B9, B1N 1B9, B1N 1E7, B1N 1T9, B1N 2C8

Adaptive Clothing in New Brunswick Canada - NB

All cities in New Brunswick including:

City Example postal codes
Moncton E1A 0J1, E1A 1X1, E1A 2R6, E1A 3E1, E1A 2Z7
Fredericton E3B 1B5, E3A 0K7, E3A 1G3, E3A 1R3, E3A 1Y4
Saint John E2H 0A3, E2H 1Y1, E2H 2P8, E2J 0C9, E2J 0H7

Adaptive Clothing in Ontario Canada - ON

All cities in Ontario including:

City Example postal codes
Toronto M4C 1E3, M4C 1L7, M4C 1V5, M4C 3C3, M4C 1B4
Ottawa K1A 0C5, K1A 0R7, K1A 0X1, K1B 4T8, K1B 5A4, K1G 0W9
London N5V 1A8, N5V1G6, N5V 1M3, N5V 1W2, N5V 2B2, N5V 1L2
Windsor N9A 1B7, N8N 2R7, N8P 1G2, N8P 1S6, N8P 1V6
Sarnia N7T 5S7, N7S 0B2, N7S 1E2, N7S 1M6, N7S 1Y2
Mississauga L5B 3C9, L4T 1A9, L4T 1H9, L4T 1N6, L4T 1V3
Brampton L6R 2S5, L5N 8C7, L5W 2A1, L6P 0E8, L6P 0M8
Hamilton L0R 1M0, L8E 0A4, L8E 1A7, L8E 1K6, L8E 1M6
Oshawa L1G 1B4, L1G 1H1, L1G 1M5, L1G 1W3, L1G 2B9
Kingston K7G 2V5, K7K 0E2, K7K 1G3, K7K 1N6, K7K 1X9
St. Catharines L2M 1A9, L2M 1J2, L2M 1P6, L2M 1W5, L2M 2B1
Kanata K2K 0E4, K2K 1C7, K2K 1T5, K2K 2P9, K2K 3A2
Thunder Bay P7A 0B9, P7A 0L9, P7A 1A7, P7A 1H7, P7A 1N2

Adaptive Clothing in Quebec Canada - QC

All cities in Quebec including:

City Example postal codes
Montreal H1A 1K1, H1A 3Y8, H1A 5P7, H1B 1X7, H1C 1G9
Gatineau J8L 0C3, J8L 0V9, J8L 1C3, J8L 1J2, J8L 1M1
Quebec City G1A1C2, G1B 0E1, G1B 0L6, G1B 1E9, G1B 1M8
Sherbrooke J1C 0B3, J1C 0E9, J1C 0M7, J1C 0K8, J1C 0T1
Trois Rivieres G8T 0B6, G8T 1H8, G8T 1P1, G8T 1X2, G8T 2B3
Chicoutimi G7G 0E1, G7G 1H5, G7G 1N7, G7G 1Y4, G7G 1V8
Jonquiere G7P 1A5, G7P 1E6, G7P 1L4, G7P 1T2, G7P 1Y8
Saint Jerome J5K 1K7, J5L 0J7, J5L 1G8, J5L 1N1, J5L 1S7
Saint Jean sur Richelieu J2W 0A7, J2W 0G2, J2W 1G7, J2W 1N1, J2W 1T9
Chateauguay J6J 0C5, J6J 1E2, J6J 1L4, J6J 1T6, J6J 2A2
Drummondville J1Z 2A7, J1Z 2G3, J2A 0C7, J2A 1C5, J2A 1K8
Granby J2G 1A4, J2G 1G2, J2G 1M7, J2G 1V5, J2G 1V5

Adaptive Clothing in Saskatchewan Canada - SK

All cities in Saskatchewan including:

City Example postal codes
Saskatoon S7H 0B4, S7H 0J4, S7H 0P7, S7H 0X7, S7H 1C3
Regina S4N 0A8, S4N 0J2, S4N 0R5, S4N 0X9, S4N 1B2

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