6 Pack Of Cotton Ankle Socks For Women

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Save On A 6 Pack Of Cotton Ankle Socks For Women

Save on a 6Pk of Womens Cotton Ankle Socks. Cotton Ankle Socks with turned-down cuff. 55% cotton, 35% polyester & 10% spandex for increased stretch. Terrific for regular to light swelling. Machine washable by Silverts.

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Gender Women
Needs Assisted Living, Diabetic Footwear, Foot Problems, Health Care, Home Care, Nursing Home
Dressing Self-Dressing
Customer Reviews
  1. Great Socks for Fibromyalgia Sufferers
    I have Fibromyalgia as well as 2 different neuropathys so have a lot of pain in my feet and legs. Having these kinds of pain, you can't wear ordinary socks. They can't be snug on the feet or around the ankles or shins. I have tried numerous brands and kinds of socks, even others for diabetics to see if they would be loose enough to not cause more pain or swelling and just had to pass them on to others.

    These are the first I have found that give you the right amount of room. These don't cover a 10 size span in one size so you aren't having to pull them to enlarge them just to get them on. I washed them before wearing them and there was no shrinkage like there was with all the others I have tried. When the time comes and I need more, I will be ordering these. I bought the white pack. It would be nice to see these come out in a multi colored pack as well. I would snap them up in a heartbeat!

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