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Privacy and Security

For information regarding your security while shopping online, please visit the Your Security page.


Our site has been built for only one purpose - to be of service to you. We adhere to the recently released guidelines for direct marketers in this electronic environment.

About Personal Information Sent Through email Subscriptions and Shopping Transactions

Miloma Investments Ltd. o/a Silverts Stores does not share customer names, email addresses or personal information required for shopping transactions or email subscriptions with any outside agencies or companies.

About Any Other Information You Send Us

Apart from information you may forward to us concerning shopping orders or eMail subscriptions, we do not wish to receive any information or other materials from you through this web site that may be considered to be confidential or proprietary. All information and materials received (other than information directly concerning shopping orders, email subscriptions and cookie-based information) will be considered to be non-confidential, and you will be deemed to have granted to us an irrevocable license to use, store, copy, display, and distribute such information and materials for any purpose whatsoever. We agree not to use your full name in connection with such information or materials without your prior consent.

About Information We Can Gather Electronically

Cookie technology is widely used on the Internet and we intend to use it with the intent of making your visit more effective and secure. By using cookies throughout your visit, Miloma Investments Ltd o/a Silverts Stores promises to deliver what you want online, when you want it.

Cookie-based information is not sold or redistributed. The information helps us to:

  1. Determine what site areas you like
  2. Offer you special sales opportunities
  3. Make navigation through our site easier and faster for you by removing unnecessary windows or frames

Silvert's uses Google Analytics and Conversion Analyst to learn how we can better serve you in future. You can learn more about Google Analytics and Conversion Analyst.

Shopping Security

As we continue to "Build Our Stores of the Future", you will be able to shop at our online stores using credit cards from the MasterCard or Visa. To ensure secure transactions, our site uses the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol, which encrypts any information you send us electronically.

With this system, you can enter your credit card number, delivery and billing information safely through the secure server. The encryption process protects the information by scrambling it before it is sent to us from your computer.

Should you have any questions about privacy, please email or call (905) 738-4545.

Also see our Legal Terms and Conditions and please make sure you have read our Online Shopping Policy regarding purchasing online.

This policy may be updated or changed without notice. The current version is available at

Last updated 4/10/2006

Pour toutes vos questions nous appelez sans frais au 1-800-387-7088
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